PMD--First Motion Chip with Multiple Breakpoints Released |

PMD--First Motion Chip with Multiple Breakpoints Released

Lincoln, MA - Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD) releases the first motion chipset with multiple breakpoints allowing increased performance of motion profiles and faster real-time responses. The MC2300 series of motion processors is part of the NavigatorTM family of products and provides 1, 2 and 4 axes of control for brushless motors. These two-IC chipsets provide breakpoint programming, which allows the user to create complex profiles by having an internal or external signal cause a profile change. Typical functions for this feature are instantaneous changes due to an external condition and cut-on-the-fly. These features are most beneficial in applications requiring fast, smooth motion with sophisticated profiles such as semiconductor automations and medical test and laboratory equipment.

Chuck Lewin, Chairman of PMD, comments, “By increasing the available number of breakpoints, these motion chips have made it a lot easier to program profiles that react to multiple conditions. That can be very important for safety reasons or to allow the motion profile to be synchronized to external events.”

MC2300 chipset breakpoints can be programmed based on a variety of conditions including external positions, external trigger signals, velocity, time and other factors. The chips are programmed via an easy-to-use language that uses a command word followed by one or more data words. Pro-MotionTM, Windows™ -based software, is also available to allow high-level programming and conveniently exercise the chipset.

Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD), located in Lincoln, MA, is a pioneer in the development of chip-based motion controllers. Their Navigator Family of Motion Processors is now available with multiple breakpoints directly from PMD. Pricing starts at $60 in OEM quantities.

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