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PPT VISION, Inc. Adds Ethernet/IP Communication Protocol to IMPACT™ Intelligent Cameras

April 142005
PPT VISION, Inc. Adds Ethernet/IP Communication Protocol to IMPACT™ Intelligent Cameras

MINNEAPOLIS, April 14, 2005 -- PPT VISION, Inc. (Nasdaq: PPTV) today announced the addition of the Ethernet/IP communication protocol into the company’s IMPACT family of intelligent cameras. Now available in the entire IMPACT family, including the IMPACT T-series intelligent camera family and the IMPACT C-series machine vision micro-system family, EtherNet/IP enables seamless integration with a broad range of third party industrial products for data sharing and expanded I/O.

“IMPACT is the industry’s first economical, self-contained vision product with all the features of a full scale-vision system,” explained Joe Christenson, President of PPT VISION, Inc. “The addition of EtherNet/IP tools enables our machine vision products to integrate easily with commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet/IP-enabled devices.” Christenson added that Ethernet/IP is a natural extension for the product line because the IMPACT products are already programmed and deployed using Ethernet technologies.

EtherNet/IP is available immediately in PPT VISION’s Inspection Builder™ 6.1 software which can be downloaded at www.pptvision.com. The software features the latest innovations in image processing technology plus a broad range of tools for deploying complete inspection solutions in the factory environment. Ethernet/IP enhances Inspection Builder by extending data communications between IMPACT cameras and a broad range of industrial products such as PLC’s and sensors.

Unlike many industrial Ethernet fieldbusses, EtherNet/IP uses an open protocol at the application layer, and because of its non-proprietary characteristics, has widespread support from multiple vendors and organizations including, ControlNet International (CI), the Industrial Ethernet Association (IEA) and the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA), among others.

On-line virtual demonstrations of the IMPACT Inspection Builder software are available at www.pptvision.com. To request additional information on IMPACT or call 952-996-9500.

PPT VISION develops and markets innovative machine vision technologies including smart cameras and vision micro-systems for a broad range of industry categories, including manufacturers of automotive components, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, medical devices, consumer goods, and plastics. PPT VISION's Common Stock trades on the Nasdaq Small Cap Market tier of The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol PPTV. For more information: PPT VISION, 12988 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. Phone: 952-996-9500. FAX: 952-996-9501.

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