PROFIBUS Trade Organization Announces New Certification Training Courses |

PROFIBUS Trade Organization Announces New Certification Training Courses

Scottsdale, AZ—February 20, 2006—The PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) and the PROFI Interface Center (PIC) announced two new courses as part of the PROFItech Certification Training Course program for 2006. The two new classes added to the program include a PROFIBUS Installer’s Class and a PROFINET Certified Network Engineering Class. This year marks the sixth anniversary of PROFItech certification program and more than 300 attendees have been designated Certified PROFIBUS Network Engineers.

“PROFItech certification training teaches users the appropriate installation, operation and maintenance of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products and networks,” said Carl Henning, deputy director of the PTO. “The industry is moving toward more advanced communication for plantwide operations and PROFItech classes teach users exactly what they need to know about implementing network communication in their facilities.”

At the one-day PROFIBUS Installer’s Class, participants receive hands-on training of PROFIBUS DP networks and learn how to avoid common networking problems. Course material includes PROFIBUS DP basics, system design and maintenance, fiber optic installation and more. Participants receive 6 Personal Development Hours (PDH credit hours) of advanced training from qualified instructors.

The PROFINET Certified Network Engineering Class delivers hands-on training of the installation, operation and maintenance of PROFINET products and networks. This class provides a mix of protocol theory and hands-on problem-solving exercises. Topics covered are Ethernet basics, PROFINET IO and PROFINET CBA, network monitoring and diagnostics, security and more. Participants receive 24 PDH credit hours and upon graduation will receive an official PROFINET Certified Engineer Certificate. Also included in the program is a complete set of course materials, breakfast, lunch, a PIC-hosted dinner, and a certification listing on the PROFIBUS International (PI) website.

Other PROFItech courses offered include a PROFINET IO Development Class and a PROFIBUS Certified Network Engineering Class. Prerequisites for all classes include a background in industrial automation and familiarity with basic communication terms and features.

Mr. Henning concluded: “PROFItech now offers more comprehensive training to all areas of PROFIBUS and PROFINET systems. Certification ensures that users are knowledgeable and well-equipped to manage their facilities.”

The PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) is a non-profit corporation working to enhance the PROFIBUS and PROFINET standards while educating and assisting device manufacturers, end users, system integrators and distributors throughout North America.
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