Prosilica Introduces New Firewire Digital Camera for Machine Vision and Industrial Imaging |

Prosilica Introduces New Firewire Digital Camera for Machine Vision and Industrial Imaging

March 102005
New Firewire Digital Camera from Prosilica

Vancouver, BC — March, 2005 — Prosilica achieves new levels of performance and economical pricing with its newest camera product, the EC750. The EC750 is a digital firewire (IEEE-1394) camera for machine vision and industrial imaging targeted toward OEM and analog replacement markets. The new EC750 is distinguished by is very small size, high performance, and economical pricing. The ultra-compact EC750 provides excellent image quality, Wide-VGA resolution, fast frame rates, external trigger/sync, global shutter, enhanced Near-IR performance, and a range of automatic controls.

Prosilica’s EC750 is one of the most compact firewire cameras in the market which makes it very attractive to customers trying to fit cameras into tight spaces. The backplane of the EC750 provides an IEEE-1394 port and a 4-pin Hirose connector for external triggering. The EC-750 is truly plug-and-play. It does not require a frame grabber but communicates with the host computer through an IEEE-1394 (Firewire) interface. The EC750 is available as either a monochrome or a color camera.

Prosilica’s feature-rich EC750 achieves new levels of performance at an economical price. At full resolution the camera is capable of 60 frames per second, and even faster frame rates using the region of interest (ROI) feature. The EC750 is DCAM compliant (IIDC 1.3 & 1.30), meaning that it can easily be used with a wide variety of popular machine vision software. Software for the camera includes Prosilica’s ProViewer application, the camera driver, and Prosilica’s ProSDK software development kit which are available to customers free of charge.

“With the introduction of the EC750 camera, Prosilica has provided a new level of performance at an economical price. The EC750 has an excellent range of features and performance normally found in cameras of much higher cost. The excellent image quality, very compact size, and reach feature set makes this camera suitable for a very wide range of applications.”, said Marty Furse, CEO of Prosilica.“The EC750 provides excellent value and performance for our customers”

About Prosilica Inc.
Prosilica Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance digital cameras based on IEEE-1394 for industrial applications. For more information contact Prosilica by telephone at 604-875-8855, by e-mail at [email protected], or on the web

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