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Quippe Technologies Names Jim Polentz Chief Financial Officer

March 172010
Fremont, Calif. - May 4, 2001 - Quippe Technologies, Inc., the
Procurement Service Provider for the automation industry, today
announced the appointment of Jim Polentz as Chief Financial Officer. Mr.
Polentz previously served as Vice President/Chief Financial Officer for
PaQFasT, LCC. His strong strategic fundraising experience within the
high technology industry will be a dynamic asset for Quippe.

In this role, Mr. Polentz will be responsible for the vision, strategy
and execution of Quippe Technologies' financial, planning and annual
budgeting efforts. His constant interaction with venture capitalists,
investment bankers and individuals will not be an unfamiliar task.

"We are delighted to add Jim to our executive team," said Ron Allen,
Chairman and CEO of Quippe Technologies. "With his strong background and
talent in both e-business and high tech, we believe he can make a
tremendous contribution to the success of Quippe Technologies' financial

Outstanding Milestone: Six Million Components to Search
While specializing in the Automation and Equipment industry, Quippe has
designed the taxonomy for efficient parametric searches. Quippe offers
an enormous database of 6 million components and specifications to its
customers. In comparison, other similar B2B companies have barely
reached a small portion of what Quippe has in its database. In
conjunction, most of the components come from clients' specifications
and requests. Distinguishing themselves from other e-commerce companies,
Quippe Technologies has a best-in-its-class taxonomy available to its
customers, suppliers, buyers, and sellers. Henceforth, Quippe is a B2B
designed with the customers' interests in mind - a rare choice in
today's automation industry.

About Quippe Technologies, Inc.
Quippe Technologies, Inc., is a procurement service provider, offering
an Internet-based procurement platform (QuippEx) to industrial
automation and equipment builders. Quippe Technologies has agreements
with supply companies that offer products from over 1,000 equipment
component manufacturers. QuippEx is now being used by Quippe's
equipment builder customers to purchase components on a daily basis.
QuippEx creates significant value for customers by providing a suite of
solutions that dramatically improves productivity by automating the
procurement process, reducing procurement and administrative expense and
increasing engineering focus and efficiency. For industrial equipment
builders, users and designers, Quippe offers multiple services tailored
to its vertical market including the ability to source and purchase
specific components from a database containing over 6 million components
supported with design rules. For more information on Quippe
Technologies, Inc., visit its web site at www.quippex.com.

For more information on Quippe Technologies, Inc., please contact:

Etoi Allen
Marketing Manager
(888) 445-4010
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