Real Time PROFInet Available Now With Real Time Motion Control On The Way |

Real Time PROFInet Available Now With Real Time Motion Control On The Way

October 232003
Real Time PROFInet Available Now With Real Time Motion Control On The Way
Scottsdale, AZ–October 21, 2003–The PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) has announced a PROFInet real time extension for general automation applications, and that a second PROFInet real time extension is also under way for high performance motion control applications.

The currently available solution is called Soft Real Time (SRT) and achieves cycle times of 5 to 10 msec to satisfy the demands of factory automation. It is fully compatible with the TCP/IP Ethernet protocol and brings the industry's first real time solution to Ethernet users. The run time software has been completed and is now available at

Currently under development for motion control applications is Isochronous Real Time (IRT). It will have the capability to control up to 150 axes with a cycle time of 1 msec and a jitter of less than 1 µs. This will make PROFInet more powerful than any currently available real time solution yet still fully compatible with the TCP/IP standard. IRT will use next generation switching technology and a four-port real time ASIC switch for implementing IRT in products quickly and easily, so additional switches will not be required.

In addition, the ASIC switch offers the possibility to build up interrupt-free redundant solutions for complex applications at very low additional cost. The objective includes porting the PROFIBUS motion control profile largely unchanged to PROFInet as an important contribution to protecting existing PROFIBUS investments. Isochronous Real Time (IRT) PROFInet is expected to be complete in 2005.

The PROFIBUS Trade Organization recently announced the first certified PROFInet products, a PROFInet Gateway from Hilscher, an Industrial Ethernet/PROFIBUS link from Siemens and a PROFInet Communications Processor, also from Siemens.

PROFInet is a modern standard for distributed automation standards and is based on Ethernet. It integrates existing fieldbus systems, specifically PROFIBUS, simply and without change. The use of established Ethernet-based IT technologies allows the connection of the automation/plant level with the corporate management level, including the direct exchangeability of order and production data. Internet connectivity can make it possible to initiate orders and carry out remote servicing and maintenance measures.

All interested parties can also download an all-new PROFInet Technology and Application Guide immediately at Or a hard copy can be requested from the PROFIBUS Trade Organization.

The PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) is a non-profit corporation working to enhance the PROFIBUS and PROFInet standards while educating and assisting device manufacturers throughout North and South America on the latest extensions and conformance tests associated with PROFIBUS and PROFInet. For additional information contact the PTO at 16101 North 82nd Street, Suite. 3B, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Phone 480-483-2456; FAX 480-483-7202. Internet:
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