Remtec appoints Lisa McMican Ryle CEO |

Remtec appoints Lisa McMican Ryle CEO

Remtec appoints  Lisa McMican Ryle CEO

June 24, 2015 - Remtec Automation appointed Lisa McMican Ryle as its President and CEO.  Remtec is a robotic automation provider and systems integration firm that enhances company efficiencies through robotic and automation system deployment.   Remtec robotic systems automate vehicle powertrain and suspension production, palletizing and case-packing of consumer products, and high-speed picking and packing.  Remtec is a Level IV Servicing Fanuc Systems Integrator, making the company one of a select group with expertise in the leading robotic technology.

Ryle brings extensive automation industry experience to Remtec, having most recently worked with automation and technology developments in the tobacco industry.  Ryle is also a former minority owner in an industrial automation firm.

“Lisa will be a cross-functional leader for Remtec,” states Greg Ionna, C.M. Paula president.  “Her depth of expertise spans industry-specific technology--and business--and people management.  She will bring unique insights to both the boardroom and the plant floor, further enabling Remtec to maximize its customers’ competitive advantages.”

Remtec Automation, LLC delivers cost-effective robotic systems and integrated automation for robotic palletizing and de-palletizing, robotic case packing, robotic picking, and robotic material handling applications. Founded in 1981, Remtec has installed over 500 robotic automation systems and has acquired a reputation as a leader among robotic system integrators.   

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