Rockwell Automation Expands Armor I/O Family With Rugged, IP67­Rated Blocks |

Rockwell Automation Expands Armor I/O Family With Rugged, IP67­Rated Blocks

April 222004
Extension includes 12 ArmorBlock I/O modules for DeviceNet and other open networks

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio, April 22, 2004 — Rockwell Automation, one of the first industrial automation companies to offer hardened I/O products, today announced it has expanded its Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock I/O family to include a low-cost line of 12 hardened, IP67-rated modules. The IP67 rating means these products are water- and corrosion-proof and can be placed directly on the machine (rather than in cabinets) — which helps OEMs and end users reduce installation and operating costs.

This new product line adds to the portfolio of On-Machine products from Rockwell Automation and is ideal for material handling and semiconductor applications. And because of its simplified design, ArmorBlock IP67 I/O provides a low-end alternative for machinery applications where diagnostics and local control are not needed.

ArmorBlock combines the adapter, power supply and I/O into an industrially sealed package, making it suitable for distributed, On-Machine applications. The new ArmorBlock I/O offers the lowest-cost IP67 DeviceNet I/O available. This line also features an eight-point version that can be configured for any mix of I/O, such as seven inputs and one output, or two inputs and six outputs.

The ArmorBlock IP67 I/O modules are designed to help end users simplify purchasing, installation, maintenance and application expansion. The I/O can be mounted on the machine with just a couple of mounting screws and can be front- or side-mounted.

Combined with the new ArmorPoint I/O modules and communication adapters, which will be announced later this month, the new ArmorBlock modules are the foundation of Rockwell Automation’s growing Armor family. The addition of these new On-Machine families gives users access to the broadest range of support for IP67 I/O and networks available today.

ArmorBlock IP67 I/O modules are available immediately.

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) is a world-leading provider of industrial automation power, control and information solutions that help customers meet their manufacturing productivity objectives. The company brings together leading brands in industrial automation for Complete Automation solutions, including Allen-Bradley controls and engineered services and Rockwell Software factory management software, Dodge mechanical power transmission products, and Reliance Electric motors and drives. The company also is a leading provider of contact management technologies and applications that help companies more efficiently manage interaction with their own customers. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., USA, the company employs about 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

For more information on the ArmorBlock, please contact the Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minn., 55438, 800.223.5354, Ext. 1707.

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