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Rockwell Automation Performance Solutions for Manufacturing

October 312004
October 2004 - Automation Fair

In recent years, many manufacturers have begun to use industrial automation hardware, information software and open networks like DeviceNet™, ControlNet™ and Ethernet I/P™ to gather production information from their plant floor. While information is gathered from across the facility, many manufacturers have struggled to find the best way to turn that production data into real-time information that translates into better business decisionmaking.

Rockwell Automation® Performance Solutions for Manufacturing, a suite of software and service offerings, helps manufacturers leverage real-time production information across the enterprise and supply chain.

Performance Solutions provides visibility into production processes —transforming production data into actionable information that can be used to drive continuous improvement and increase operating efficiencies.

Performance Solutions pairs pre-integrated software applications with expert engineering services and industry-specific technical expertise. Pre-integrated, best-of-breed components reduce implementation time and cost to deliver value in the shortest possible
time frames.

Rockwell Automation Performance Solutions for Manufacturing address the following key
• Machine Performance
• Automotive
• Line Performance
• Life Sciences
• Plant Performance
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Supply Chain Performance

Rockwell Automation’s modular solution approach enables manufacturers to leverage their existing investments in automation and data collection at several levels of the enterprise for discrete, process and hybrid manufacturing environments.

Performance Solutions for Manufacturing – A Closer Look

Machine Performance
Machine Performance Solutions increase asset utilization by monitoring equipment throughput and performance. This base-level Performance Solution incorporates reports based on Rockwell Software® RSBizWare® that capture and report key operating data associated with each machine or piece of equipment being monitored. This visibility into machine operations allows production personnel to monitor performance, determine that it is operational within control limits and analyze data to identify improvement opportunities.

Current Machine Performance Solution offerings from Rockwell Automation include Discrete Machine Performance, error-proofing capabilities and production monitoring.

Discrete Machine Performance is a current Machine Performance Solution that incorporates 30 pre-configured reports that analyze production, efficiency and events and include historical trending, online efficiency analysis and downtime event analysis reports. The solution is packaged with an Allen-Bradley® VersaView® industrial computer and is intended for use with up to five work cells.

Line Performance
Line Performance Solutions are focused on improving the performance of a particular line and providing increased quality control. Line Performance Solutions analyze production line operational efficiency to help management eliminate process bottlenecks and drive continuous improvement in line asset utilization. Each vital resource used on the manufacturing line is monitored and analyzed, including personnel deployed, products produced, raw materials used and orders scheduled. This information enables production management to identify root causes of poor performance and increase line capacity and yield while assuring quality output. Line Performance Solutions establish a broad information infrastructure that can be scaled to support expansion into Plant Performance applications.

Current Line Performance Solution offerings from Rockwell Automation include Discrete Line Performance, RFID line solutions, simulation services, andon, weigh and dispense applications and production monitoring.

Discrete Line Performance is an example of a Line Performance Solution that delivers ondemand, web-based reporting and is scalable up to 200 work cells. Up to 35 pre-configured reports analyze downtime monitoring and alerts, production performance analytics and equipment operating metrics. These reports include the top five downtime events, fault analysis, production summary, target throughput, average cycle time, cycle speed, work order progress and line faults.

Plant Performance
Plant Performance Solutions increase visibility, tracking and control across manufacturing processes by automating the production planning, execution and analysis functions. Plant Performance Solutions focus on helping manufacturers achieve operational excellence with information tracking and analysis in quality management, raw material tracking, plant and line scheduling as well as other critical plant functions. With the insight into plant production, manufacturers have real-time operational control to improve execution of production orders by enforcing good manufacturing practices and business rules.

Plant Performance solutions address:
• Finite capacity scheduling
• Performance reporting and monitoring
• Work order management
• Work center management
• Tracking and genealogy
• Resource management
• Quality management

Current Plant Performance Solution offerings from Rockwell Automation include tracking and tracing, RFID plant solutions, error-proofing, simulation services and Propack Data™ PMX enterprise performance management software.

Supply Chain Performance
Supply Chain Performance Solutions expand on Plant Performance’s planning, execution and analysis functions to embrace multiple facilities. The solutions synchronize multi-facility production information to optimize internal-to-external supply chain operations. Visibility into the supply chain across several plants enables multi-plant enterprise environments to coordinate cross-plant activities effectively, realize opportunities for continuous improvement and drive lean manufacturing. Supply Chain Performance solutions increase supply chain agility and velocity, reduce excess inventory build-ups, and help manufacturers become more responsive to customer demand.

Current Supply Chain Performance Solutions offerings from Rockwell Automation include simulation services, wireless warehouse and RFID supply chain services.

For additional information about Rockwell Automation Performance Solutions for Manufacturing, visit the company’s Web site at
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