Rockwell Automation's Powerful Electronic Tools Help Users Simplify Product Selection and System Design |

Rockwell Automation's Powerful Electronic Tools Help Users Simplify Product Selection and System Design

Rockwell Automation's Powerful Electronic Tools Help Users Simplify Product Selection and System Design
Rockwell Automation tools take the guesswork out of purchase decisions

MILWAUKEE, Nov. 20, 2002 — OEMs, facility engineers and system integrators can decrease system design and development time with free electronic tools from Complete Automation® leader Rockwell Automation. The Web-based and stand-alone tools can reduce rigorous, manual calculations and the need to consult multiple catalogs and manuals, whether users are laying out a complex PLC® system or configuring a packaging line with individual control components.

Tighter integration between components and more specialized product offerings have improved speed and efficiency on the plant floor. However, product offerings also have increased, making selection, installation and system design more complex. Rockwell Automation electronic tools break down different aspects of system requirements and options, helping users define optimal automation solutions.

“With the proliferation of industrial automation products in the market, it is difficult for OEMs, system integrators and end users to stay current on all available components and optimal system configurations,” said Mary Lou Bailey, Marketing Director, Rockwell Automation. “These electronic tools put years of engineering expertise in their hands, giving them the knowledge needed to make the right purchase decisions.”

Ease Component Selection. The electronic tools ease product selection by helping users quickly sort through all available components. Rockwell Automation Integrated Software Environment (RAISE™) configurator PHOTO!, PLC and I/O Product Line Selectors, Safety Navigator and Medium Voltage Center of Power Solutions guide users through comprehensive specification requirements to identify the most effective component solution. By walking users through pull-down menus and prompts, the tools automatically select products that are compatible with application criteria. The electronic tools supplement printed catalogs and user documentation, reducing cumbersome, time-intensive product selection research.

Because the electronic tools focus on specific types of components, users who need detailed information on a particular product can easily access and download information relevant to their application, including bill-of-materials, drawings, and specifications.

Simplify System Design and Analysis. OEMs and integrators also can reduce labor-intensive system configuration time. Motion Book, Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) software, and CenterONE™ help users automatically calculate complex data and complete system set-up – from sizing, selection and analysis to programming, commissioning and maintenance. Users can assess application criteria before buying or applying products to further optimize their system and reduce errors. The tools aid initial configuration by generating a graphical representation of the system, performance estimates, comprehensive reports and detailed bill-of-materials.

Product and system configuration needs will vary from one user to another, and even between applications. Rockwell Automation provides a wide range of products to meet those needs, as well as focused electronic tools that help users accurately choose solutions to maximize their automation investment. For more information, and to access these tools, visit

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) is a world-leading provider of industrial automation power, control and information solutions that help customers meet their manufacturing productivity objectives. The company brings together leading brands in industrial automation for Complete Automation® solutions, including Allen-Bradley® controls and engineered services and Rockwell Software® factory management software, Dodge® mechanical power transmission products, and Reliance Electric® motors and drives. The company also is a leading provider of contact management technologies and applications that help companies more efficiently manage interaction with their own customers. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., USA, the company employs about 22,000 people at more than 450 locations serving customers in more than 80 countries.

For more information on Rockwell Automation electronic tools, please contact the Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minn., 55438, 800.223.5354, Ext. 1583.


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