RuggedCom Introduces The Substation Ethernet Switch™ |

RuggedCom Introduces The Substation Ethernet Switch™

January 212005
Concord, Ontario Canada, January 21, 2005 – RuggedCom, a leading developer of ruggedized networking and communications technology, today announced the availability of RuggedSwitch RSG2100. Dubbed The Substation Ethernet Switch™, it offers utility customers the highest fiber optical and Gigabit port densities, the highest EMI immunity, and the widest operating temperature range in the industry, all in a ruggedized and highly flexible, modular design.

The deployment of Ethernet within utility substations for substation automation is gaining strong momentum. Spurred on by the emergence of new substation automation communication protocols such as IEC 61850 and an abundance of equipment manufacturers ready to support it, utilities are replacing antiquated and expensive proprietary technologies and choosing the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Ethernet for mission critical substation local area networks. With the introduction of The Substation Ethernet Switch™, RuggedCom is delivering exactly what utilities have been asking for.

“The RuggedSwitch RSG2100 really raises the bar in this market,” said RuggedCom President & CEO Marzio Pozzuoli. “We’re pleased to have many of the world’s largest power utilities as customers. We’ve taken the insight gained from working with them and designed this product from the ground up, to meet the specific demands of the substation.”

With three Gigabit uplink ports, the product enables the creation of fault tolerant high-speed fiber optical Ethernet networks suitable for mission critical real-time control applications. It is ideal for use with demanding industrial protocols like the emerging IEC 61850-9-2 standard, known as Process Bus, for broadcasting power system current and voltage samples over a 100Mbps fiber optical Ethernet link. The RSG2100, which features the highest port density in the industry, provides up to sixteen 100Mbps ports and three Gigabit fiber optical Ethernet ports. This allows up to sixteen Process Bus nodes to multicast their current and voltage samples while the Gigabit uplink ports may be used to create a fiber optical Gigabit network backbone or ring, or to provide redundant Gigabit uplinks.

The RSG2100’s modular architecture allows the customer to choose the precise configuration of ports that they require. This permits a mix of legacy and new Ethernet devices and port options, while allowing for future expansion and upgrades. An additional level of flexibility is the availability of rear port mounting. This provides users with the ability to connect all communications and power cables from the rear of the unit, facilitating easy connection to rear port automation devices which are commonly found in the substation.

RuggedRated™ for reliability in harsh environments, the RSG2100 provides the highest levels of EMI immunity in the industry. It exceeds IEC 61850-3 EMI Immunity Levels and provides IEEE 1613 Class 2 error free device operation for mission critical substation automation and protection applications. In addition to performing in harsh EMI environments, the device will operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +85ºC without fans. Optional, integrated, dual-redundant power supplies, which can be powered from different sources at different voltages, deliver additional assurance and flexibility.

The RuggedSwitch RSG2100 is now shipping.

For additional information on the Substation Ethernet Switch™, Contact RuggedCom or visit their website at

About RuggedRated:
The RuggedRated specification establishes a set of criteria that networking and communications devices must meet in order to ensure reliable operation within harsh industrial environments. The RuggedRated symbol identifies products that have been specifically designed to meet these criteria.

About RuggedCom Inc.:
RuggedCom is a leading developer of high-performance networking and communications equipment capable of operating reliably in harsh industrial environments.

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