Rulmeca Corporation Motorized Pulleys Pack More Power |

Rulmeca Corporation Motorized Pulleys Pack More Power

February 112005
Rulmeca Corporation Motorized Pulleys Pack More Power
WILMINGTON, N.C. (February 10, 2005) —Rulmeca Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of Motorized Pulleys for bulk handling, recently added increased horsepower options to several of its smaller models.

The pulleys, which are built specifically for belt conveyors, are designed with the motor and gearbox hermetically sealed in the steel shell, making them compact, reliable, and safe in harsh environmental conditions.

“Our customers have always liked the space-saving design of our Motorized Pulleys but requested increased horsepower in our smallest units to meet their tight space constraints,” said Rulmeca Corporation President, Mike Gawinski. “We still offer 180 HP in our 800H, but we added higher power options to our four smallest models to satisfy our customers.”

The new maximum power offered in each the five smallest models is:
  • 220H (8.5” diameter) 7.5 HP
  • 320M and 320H (12.64” diameter) 10 HP
  • 400M and 400H (15.91” diameter) 20 HP
  • 500H (19.72” diameter) 30 HP

    Applications include all bulk conveyor operations. Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys have a higher efficiency than many exposed drives due to fewer frictional losses allowing efficiencies of up to 97%. Maintenance is minimal, requiring an oil change only every 10,000 operating hours or five years of single shaft operation. Being lighter than most exposed overhung drives, Rulmeca’s Motorized Pulleys can help reduce the cost of a conveyor’s structure because the weight is evenly distributed within the conveyor frame.

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