Saelig achieves LXI certification for DS1000B scopes |

Saelig achieves LXI certification for DS1000B scopes

Saelig achieves LXI certification for DS1000B scopes
October 17, 2008 - DS1000B is the first oscilloscope series in its class to be certified by the LXI consortium, providing the flexibility of over-the-web programming and the confidence of rigid industry-specification capabilities. With up to 2GSa/s real-time sample rate, 50GSa/s equivalent sample rate and bandwidths from 60MHz up to 200 MHz, these scopes achieve a totally new price-to-performance level. One-touch automatic setup makes DS1000B series especially easy to use. DS1000B scopes incorporate a custom-designed proprietary ASIC front-end which eliminates traditional mechanical relays to guarantee superior performance with longer life. DS1000B scopes provide powerful functions not even found in other more expensive products, such as Digital Filtering, Pass/Fail Testing, Record and Playback, etc. Additionally, DS1000B scopes provide the most complete I/O capabilities in their class, including LAN, USB and USB host(x 2) which even supports flash memory.

DS1000B scopes offer Logic Triggering across all four channels, while Alternate Triggering provides a true dual time-base solution, and sophisticated triggering modes (edge/video/pulsewidth/ slope/alt) enable users to stabilize signals quickly. Also included is a built-in FFT function, a frequency counter, and math functions such as Add/Subtract/Multiply. Ultrascope software provided free with the scope allows for easy capture of waveforms, setups and remote control of the Scope. The DS1000B series features a long-life 5.7" QVGA (320x240) 64k TFT color display - a wide viewing-angle screen providing a brighter, more vivid image while consuming less power than conventional LCDs.

DS1000Bs have a small footprint of only 12" x 6" x 5.25" and weigh only 5lbs, making them ideal for any test bench. USB-connectivity supports useful storage and printing capabilities, as well as enabling future firmware upgrades. You can save 10 waveforms, 10 setups, as well as outputting screen displays as csv and bmp files, or directly print to printers via USB.

DS1000B scopes offer outstanding performance combined with a superior display, and compete head-to-head with familiar traditional high- end manufacturers. DS1000B series scopes are much more affordable than high-end competitors and they are equally at home on an engineer's desk for design and debug, in a service department for repair needs, or in education and training environments.

Manufactured by RIGOL Technologies, DS1000B scopes offer superior performance combined with high quality, and reliability. They are available now from Rigol's North American distributor Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford NY - DS1064B (60MHz) at only $1295.00, DS1104B (100MHz) at $1595.00 and DS1204B (200MHz) at only $1895.00.
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