Sealevel Systems adds two international managers |

Sealevel Systems adds two international managers

Sealevel Systems adds two international managers
December 1, 2009 - Sealevel appointed James Priest international sales manager and promoted Charlie McKenzie to head of customer service.

In late 2009, James Priest signed on as Sealevel’s international sales manager. Before joining Sealevel in 2009, Priest headed up the sales team at Impulse Corporation (UK). While at Impulse, he increased Sealevel’s U.K. revenue by 300%.

Part of Priest’s initial goals are to increase international sales through distribution partnerships with companies selling related products with close customer cross-over in areas such as single board computers, industrial computers, panel PCs, industrial control equipment, signal conditioning and SCADA systems. Companies with a strong technical sales and marketing presence are valued Sealevel partners.

According to Priest, “The key to our success is transparency. Sealevel provides complete access to sales, marketing, technical support and engineering. In return, our partners must be open, honest and continually assessing and improving the distribution process.”

Charlie McKenzie, who has been part of Sealevel’s international sales division since 2006, will lead the team’s customer service initiatives. He notes that his responsibilities include ensuring that all Sealevel customers, both domestic and international, are completely satisfied with their Sealevel transactions and interactions.

James Priest, International Sales Manager
As international sales manager, James Priest is responsible for growing sales and brand awareness throughout the SeaPARTNERS network and US Domestic Private Label Resellers. His goals include increasing mindshare at each distributor, attending customer visits and trade shows, training distributor employees and introducing new products for sale through these channels. Originally from Bath, England, James is a 1999 business and finance graduate of Staffordshire University.

Charlie McKenzie, International Sales
Charlie McKenzie was promoted to a position within Sealevel’s international sales division upon his 2006 graduation from Clemson University. With the help of our SeaPARTNERS, Charlie surpassed the Sealevel’s sales goals in his first full year as the international representative. With his strong customer service background, Charlie ensures that all Sealevel customers are completely satisfied with their Sealevel transactions and interactions.

Sealevel Systems, founded in 1986, provides industrial computing solutions in addition to a variety of communications and I/O products including PCI Bus cards, Ethernet serial servers, USB serial adapters, PCMCIA cards, and PC/104 modules. The product line includes multi-port RS-232, RS-422/485, RS-232/422/485 multi-interface high-speed sync/async, and digital/relay I/O.
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