Sealevel Systems Introduces New SeaI/O Digital I/O Solutions |

Sealevel Systems Introduces New SeaI/O Digital I/O Solutions

March 182005
Sealevel Systems Introduces New SeaI/O Digital I/O Solutions
Liberty, SC (March 18, 2005) – Sealevel Systems Inc. announces two additions to the popular SeaI/O family of modular I/O products, each offering 96 channels of TTL digital I/O. Both products are designed for interfacing a variety of real-world I/O, including industry standard solid-state relay (SSR) racks. Ordering options allow control from a host device via Ethernet (Modbus/TCP), RS-485 (Modbus/RTU), USB, or RS-232.

Both the SeaI/O-462 and the SeaI/O-463 address the 96 channels of I/O as 12 eight-bit ports, each programmable as input or output. The SeaI/O-462 makes the I/O available via dual DB-78 female connectors. For easy connection to relay racks, Sealevel offers a six-foot cable that terminates each DB-78 to two industry standard 50-pin IDC connectors. The SeaI/O-463 uses four internal 50-pin headers that connect to relay racks via standard ribbon cables. A metal strain relief bracket is included to secure the cables after installation.

SeaI/O modules are perfect for a wide variety of applications and environments including process control, data acquisition, broadcast automation, security, and facility management. Multiple units of any I/O type can be easily daisy chained together using convenient RJ-45 pass-through connectors or screw terminals. This expansion capability enables a distributed network to be controlled with even a traditional point-to-point USB or RS-232 host connection. For easy software integration, application programs or 3rd party software can use the Sealevel SeaMAX library or industry standard Modbus protocol.

Standard operating temperature range of SeaI/O modules is 0°C to 70°C and extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) is optional. SeaI/O prices start at $239 and product is available immediately from stock.

Incorporated in 1986, Sealevel Systems manufactures I/O products to serve customers’ serial and digital interface requirements. Currently offering over 200 standard products, Sealevel offers high reliability and a commitment to customer satisfaction that is demonstrated by the Lifetime Warranty that is standard with all Sealevel manufactured I/O products.

For more information on Sealevel Systems, please contact Earle Foster at Sealevel, by phone at (864) 843-4343 or visit their website at
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