Sena Technologies Ethernet Converter Streamlines Data Acquisition Process |

Sena Technologies Ethernet Converter Streamlines Data Acquisition Process

November 032004
Sena Technologies Ethernet Converter Streamlines Data Acquisition Process
Ethernet Converter streamlines Data Acquisition process

F2 Systems adds an Ethernet converter to transmit Arcade-game serial data to database server over the network.


F2 Systems is a leading supplier of arcade-type gaming systems that is composed of game terminals, a display projector, and a database server. According to their data acquisition environment, display projector receives data from game terminals, creates graphical interface on surfaces, and sends to database server.

Before the LS100 was installed, display projector had been connected to the database server by running a long serial connection using RS-232 cables. There was a flexibility limitation in this system, since it is required to build cable lines when adding additional terminals or moving exiting ones. Therefore, F2 systems began looking to streamline the data acquisition process that results in collecting data from display projectors and available in a central location without lengthy cabling.

With these requirements in mind, the Sena Business Partner presented the LS100 and customer tested their application scenario by connecting one-end to the serial interface of display projector and another end to Ethernet network, and was pleased with the following data acquisition process.

The LS100 receives game data packets from display projector, encapsulates within a TCP/IP wrapper then sends it out to database server via the Ethernet port. This process allows display projector to communicate with database server over an Ethernet network like any other TCP/IP network device. Upon the completion of one game, the LS100 receives computational data in TCP/IP format, converts to serial data, and displays on projector.


With the LS100, F2 systems adopts a cost-effective alternative to traditional RS232 based system and happy with the advanced data acquisition capabilities.

More Product Information:

Company: Sena Technologies
Product: LS100
Subject: Ethernet Converter streamlines Data Acquisition process
Customer: F2 Systems, Korea (
Serial Device: Display Projectors at Arcade game terminals(
Sena BP: TCPLink, Korea (
Contact Email: [email protected]
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