Sena Technologies Introduces Rhio10 - Remote I/O Manager, Ethernet Device Server |

Sena Technologies Introduces Rhio10 - Remote I/O Manager, Ethernet Device Server

July 202005
Sena Technologies Introduces Rhio10 - Remote I/O Manager, Ethernet Device Server
The Rhio10 is an Ethernet device server that enables remote monitoring and control of input-output devices over the network. It features 12 optically isolated digital inputs (0 - ±24V), 10 digital relay outputs of up to 220V level, and four channels of 10bit resolution analogue inputs for data acquisition.

Digital inputs provide the ability to sense the on/off status of equipment. In addition, input system operates in event-driven mode that allows the unit to send data based on change-of-state or alarm conditions. Digital outputs can operate in simple on/off fashion, or can be programmed for specific delay times and on/off times for control and timing applications. In addition, all digital output channels can be individually configured for predetermined output states at power-up.

Analog inputs use an integrating analog-to-digital converter to convert sensor voltage, or current, thermocouple into digital data. Also, analog inputs support switch mode for threshold detection and level mode for data acquisition.

All the inputs and outputs are protected from damage under power on/off conditions. Further, separate LEDS indicators are provided for each input and output for easy status reading.

On the Ethernet side, the Rhio10 features 10 base-T network interface and supports static and DHCP IP modes for remote monitoring and control.

The Rhio10 provides standard interface for high performance industrial applications including remote data acquisition, automated machine monitoring, industrial instrumentation, discrete control, security and access control and distributed data acquisition system.

Sena Technologies is a leading manufacturer of console servers, terminal servers, serial device servers, embedded device servers, and wireless device servers, for device networking solution in the areas of IT/Telecommunication, Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Retail/POS, and Medical Automation. Sena markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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