Sercos updates free Monitor software |

Sercos updates free Monitor software

Sercos updates free Monitor software

April 16, 2013 - sercos international offers a free update for the sercos Monitor on its website.

The tool allows a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data traffic in sercos III networks, easing development, testing and troubleshooting. The monitor allows both retroactive evaluation of captured and stored network records in the pcap file format, and analysis of the network traffic in real time (live capture).

A user-friendly interface and overview functions for the typical features of a sercos III network, such as topology, communications phases and service channel transmission, enable a fast and targeted launch of the analysis process. A capture trigger and filters can be defined to capture only Ethernet frames that meet specific requirements.

About sercos international
sercos international is an association of users and manufacturers that is in charge of technical development, standardization, conformance inspection, certification, and marketing for the sercos automation bus. Conformance tests ensure that the implementation of sercos is in accordance with standards and thus allows the combination and integration of devices from different manufacturers. Based in Germany, the organization presently has more than 70 member companies located around the world, and has liaison offices in North America and Asia.

About sercos
The SErial Realtime COmmunication System, or sercos, is one of the world’s leading digital interfaces for communication between controls, drives, and decentralized peripheral devices. sercos has been used in machine engineering for more than 20 years and is implemented in over 3.5 million real-time nodes. With its open, manufacturer-independent Ethernet-based architecture, sercos III is a universal bus for all automation solutions.

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