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SICK Inc--An Ultra Compact Scanner

SICK Inc--An Ultra Compact Scanner
SICK’s CLV 420 Bar Code Scanner

The CLV 420 fits in the palm of your hand and at 400-1200 scans per second it is the most powerful bar code scanner of its size. Its rugged zinc die cast housing, precision optics and powerful electronics create a highly reliable system for industrial applications.

The CLV 420’s compact design makes it ideal for limited space applications and its high performance scan rate, real-time decoding and integrated scanner and decoder make it an excellent solution in applications where high throughput is needed.

The CLV 420 is equipped with an integrated CAN Bus interface which allows for networking of scanners without the need for additional hardware. In addition, SICK’s automatic triggering technology allows the scanner to automatically sense a package to activate the bar code reading process.

The CLV 420 bar code scanner can be programmed using the Windows-based CLV Setup Software package included with the bar code scanner. This user-friendly, unique, stand-alone software program guides the user through complete scanner configuration. All parameters, including minimum reading distance, bar code resolution, scan frequency, bar code label specifications and date format are software selectable to optimize the performance of the scanner for your specific application.

The CLV 420 is ideal for material handling, document handling, packaging and electronics applications.

SICK, Inc.
6900 West 110th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55438
952-941-6780, 800-325-7425 [email protected]
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