Siemens Launches New Line of NEMA Premium Motors |

Siemens Launches New Line of NEMA Premium Motors

Siemens Launches New Line of NEMA Premium Motors
Full range of energy saving motors meets new NEMA specifications

ALPHARETTA, Ga., (Jan. 13, 2003) - Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc., has introduced a complete line of industrial motors in compliance with the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) Premium® program for energy efficiency.

Under the Siemens "Medallion" brand name, the new NEMA Premium motors use the RGZEESD identifier for the totally enclosed fan-cooled motor line that can be applied to virtually any application.

The NEMA Premium efficiency electric motor program scope applies to products with the specifications of single-speed, polyphase, 1-500 horsepower, 2, 4, and 6 pole, squirrel cage induction motors, NEMA design A or B, continuous rated. Depending on power rating and type, these electric motors must operate at efficiencies ranging from 77 to 97 percent efficiency. The aim of the program is to reduce energy consumption for lower operating costs and environmental impact. Participating manufacturers can meet these standards through certain design and material changes to standard motors.

As the name implies, premium efficiency motors command a premium price, but lower power consumption offset the initial cost within a year. Siemens has calculated that a typical premium efficiency motor rated at 25HP can save about $483 over a 12-month period and over $7,000 for the life of the unit.

Siemens RGZEESD are characterized by a number of design features, including high grade steel for the motor core, increased copper in motor windings and optimized design parameters such as core dimensions, cross-section of conductors, size of rotor bars and end rings, and thickness of core laminations. The NEMA Premium motors have also been optimized for drive combinations that include the new Siemens SIMOVERT MICROMASTER fourth-generation inverters MM440.

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