SIXNET Adds AGA Gas Flow Calculations to IPm RTU Controllers |

SIXNET Adds AGA Gas Flow Calculations to IPm RTU Controllers

October 182005
SIXNET Adds AGA Gas Flow Calculations to IPm RTU Controllers
SIXNET has created AGA-3 orifice plate and AGA-7 turbine meter flow measurement calculations that can be added to any SIXNET IPm RTU controller. This add-on application is ideal for anyone who needs gas flow calculations as part of a flexible SCADA or control application.

This is also the perfect solution for any application that needs a flow computer with secure Ethernet or Internet access or any of the many powerful capabilities of the truly open Linux-based IPm product family.

The new add-on will totalize transferred volumes based on calculated flow. The gas density input required for AGA-3 and AGA-7 flow calculations can be provided either by AGA-8 gas density calculations or by an external density transmitter connected to an analog input channel.
The AGA-8 algorithms are implemented as part of the run-time software in the IPm.

The gas composition data required by the AGA-8 gas density energy calculations is entered by means of the configuration software. Or the run-time software can be configured to obtain the gas composition data directly from an external gas chromatograph connected to the IPm. The communications between the IPm and the optional external gas chromatograph is via the Modbus protocol.

All input measured data required for calculations, as well as calculations results are available through the IPm I/O database. This means that flow computer data can be referenced by all other applications in the IPm, including ISaGRAF IEC 61131 Programming, Sixlog Datalogging, I/O Transfers, Modbus / HART / DNP3 protocol drivers, and third party add-on applications.

SIXNET has a wide variety of industrial controllers and RTUs for applications of all sorts.

For additional product information, visit their web site at
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