SIXNET Announces SixTRAK® Combination I/O Module Now Has Analog Outputs |

SIXNET Announces SixTRAK® Combination I/O Module Now Has Analog Outputs

October 262004
The new ST-MIX12884 - SixTRAK Combination I/O Module offers 12 discrete inputs, 8 discrete outputs, 8 analog inputs, and 4 analog outputs. It can be used when you have a mix of I/O types, when panel space is limited, or when lowest cost is an important requirement. Up to 20 of these modules can be connected to the high-speed I/O bus of SIXNET Controllers, RTUs, and I/O gateways.

The discrete I/O features of this module include optional sinking and sourcing and adjustable threshold voltage on some discrete inputs. Also, up to 8 counters can be configured with a flexible choice of modes. The discrete outputs can source up to 1 Amp each and the first channel can be configured as a watchdog that will indicate if there is a system problem. The analog inputs offer 16 bit A/D converters for precision measurements.

Each analog input is protected with a self-resetting fuse and can detect and report an open instrumentation loop. The standard range is 4-20 mA but voltage ranges are also available. The analog outputs are also 16 bits and 4-20 mA for accurate control of your process.

SIXNET I/O is engineered to withstand the abuse of harsh industrial environments. The ST-MIX12884 is vibration and surge resistant, operates in temperatures ranging from -40 to +70°C, and is rated CE, UL, CSA, and hazardous locations Class 1, Division 2 (Zone 2). The module also has been tested by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for marine and offshore use.

SIXNET has over 50 other I/O modules from instrumentation analog inputs to high speed digital counters to meet the needs of most I/O applications.

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