SIXNET announces Sprint approval for NewBT-6000 wireless modems |

SIXNET announces Sprint approval for NewBT-6000 wireless modems

SIXNET announces Sprint approval for NewBT-6000 wireless modems
September 14, 2008 - BlueTree Wireless Data, a division of SIXNET, announces that Sprint has approved its entire BT-6000 series of wireless modems for use on its CDMA network. These include SIXNET's BT-6600, BT-6601, BT-6601EB and BT-6621 modems. With Sprint network approval, SIXNET customers can now activate the BT-6000 series modems on the Sprint network to enable wireless data applications in the Telemetry / SCADA, business continuity, and landline replacement markets. To obtain network approval, SIXNET was required to meet the carrier's requirements for high quality products and service.

"This approval opens up numerous opportunities for us as we advance our wireless modem business in the U.S. market," said Michael Ramsay, President of BlueTree Wireless. "We're pleased to be able to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable rugged modem products. Our BT-6000 series will support high-speed access to data, images and video, and we are committed to supporting our customers by continually bringing revolutionary modem products to market."

The SIXNET BT-6000 series modems are built to meet the harsh environmental and operating requirements for fixed industrial applications and have standard features which include, Class 1 Division 2 certification, AC adapter options, USB, Serial and Ethernet Ports, multiple mounting options including DIN Rail, built-in routing functionality and IP Pass-Thru.

About BlueTree Wireless Data Inc.:
BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless modems and software solutions for commercial and industrial applications. BlueTree Wireless's modems are designed to operate on cellular networks worldwide enabling M2M applications in the Public Safety, Fleet Management, Field Service, SCADA and Telemetry markets.

BlueTree Wireless is a division of SIXNET, LLC.
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