SIXNET Introduces The New EtherTRAK® Ethernet Managed Switch

July 272004
SIXNET Introduces The New EtherTRAK® Ethernet Managed Switch
Now available for order are SIXNET Industrial Ethernet Managed Switches that offer ultra-reliability enhanced with open-source Linux software. These are rugged switches, made for just about any industrial location. They are designed to save the user money and space with their cost saving simplicity and compact size.

The EtherTRAK Ethernet Managed Switch offers real-time secure performance with SNMP network management, along with rapid spanning tree support rings. This ensures the reliability of your network with automatic switchover on a segment failure. The unit also has dual (redundant) power inputs, a self-test/alarm output contact, datalog and alarm RTU functions, and authentication and encryption features. SIXNET managed switches often detect and report network problems before they even occur. And like other SIXNET IPm products, they also come with IPm Linux open-source tools. This enables integrators and OEMs to enhance the functionality of these Linux-based switches.

SIXNET guarantees that the EtherTRAK Managed Switch comes with trouble free operation. With over 1 million hours mean time between failures, a twenty-year support and service policy, free field-installable upgrades, plus more, SIXNET calls this a sound investment. In addition, the product is UL, CSA, and CE certified, has marine and hazardous ratings, MIL-STD-1275 surge protection and a -40 to 70° C operation temperature range. SIXNET switches have already been proven in several military applications such as in LAVs, ships and aircrafts.

There are several models available for the managed switches. They offer different combinations of copper and fiber ports, along with the option of IPm enhanced.

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