SIXNET Redundant Datalog Server - Never Lose Data Again! |

SIXNET Redundant Datalog Server - Never Lose Data Again!

SIXNET Redundant Datalog Server - Never Lose Data Again!
SIXNET's new Datalog Server provides users with the ability to gather time stamped data in remote locations and easily transfer these data records to duplicated central databases, or SCADA systems over an Ethernet, telephone or wireless link. At each remote location a SIXNET SiteTRAK or VersaTRAK IPm Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) collects real-time data and stores it with a time stamp in its protected memory (data is not lost in the event of a power failure).

The Datalog Server can simultaneously accept transfers initiated from multiple remote stations (clients). This client initiated data transfer offers important advantages over traditional polling methods, including: safe passage of data through firewalls; fast response in a "report on exception" system; the ability to use DHCP protocol to avoid the need to assign permanent IP addresses to each station (Static IP addresses can be expensive or simply not available); reduction in network bandwidth usage; and elimination of dedicated polling network infrastructure.

At the central host, the Datalog Server software receives the data records from the remote dataloggers and passes it to the data storage system. For peace of mind in mission critical archiving situations, two servers can be run in parallel, and the clients can be instructed to transfer the data to these redundant servers.

SIXNET is a developer of open industrial automation systems, including the ground-breaking IPm line of embedded Linux controllers and RTUs.

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