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SMA Introduces Enduro Outdoor Compact PLC for Outdoor Use

November 152005
SMA Introduces Enduro Outdoor Compact PLC for Outdoor Use
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"How is it possible to reliably protect sensitive computer technology against various damag-ing environmental conditions?" This question concerns any engineer who needs to specify a computer system for outdoor use. SMA’s answer is the compact PLC ENDURO OUTDOOR. It combines a waterproof enclosure (IP67) with the proven features that make it suitable for mobile applications and for use in harsh industrial environments: Fanless operation, extended temperature range T3, shock and vibration resistance. Plus, the ENDURO OUTDOOR is equipped with all the essential interfaces and current software options.

Splash water, mud, rain and humidity make an aggressive atmosphere for any computer found in machinery or vehicles, for example, on construction sites, in forestry applications or dock and harbor equipment. With the ENDURO OUTDOOR harsh operating environments must no longer be of concern; it can simply be mounted where convenient and economical. Simply place it where the interfaces demand: the massive aluminium enclosure can be easily installed and is protected against dirt and humidity due to the high protection class IP67.

Features include:
- Rugged compact PLC
- Waterproof enclosure (IP67)
- -25 °C to +70 °C, and up to +85 °C for ten minutes, fanless
- Dual Ethernet, Dual CAN, Dual USB
- Certified for CoDeSys
- Certified according to EN50155
- PC/104 interface (e.g. for additional fieldbusses)
- Windows CE.NET 4.2, Linux

Shock and vibration resistance is certified according to the European Railway Standard EN50155. The ENDURO OUTDOOR is designed for fanless operation and for use in the T3 extended temperature range (-25 °C to +70 °C, and up to +85 °C for ten minutes). All this makes for all-season outdoor use.

The ENDURO OUTDOOR includes two each of the most important interfaces: USB, Ethernet and CAN. Via the integrated PC/104 interface, additional fieldbus connections, analog and digital input ports, and counter input ports can be realized.

Software options for the ENDURO OUTDOOR include Windows CE.NET 4.2 or the SMA Embedded Linux distribution (Linux kernel with real-time extension RTAI, X.11 client and QT/32 library). SMA recommends the SoftPLC CoDeSys as the development environment. The IEC 61131-3 programming tool for controllers under Windows supports all five standard programming languages, supports all common processors and is especially user-friendly.

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