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Spectrum Controls--Five Analog Input Types In One Module For Allen-Bradley SLC 500

BELLEVUE, Washington (November 2001) - Spectrum Controls, Inc., a Rockwell Automation Global Encompass Partner, is pleased to announce the Enhanced Universal Analog Input Module for Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLCs. The 1746sc-NI8u is the ultimate solution for mixed analog input applications. This eight channel module accepts voltage, current, resistance, thermocouple and RTD input types. Data is fully linearized and output in user-selectable engineering units. Each channel is configurable for any type of input with up to 8 standard analog or thermocouple inputs or 4 RTD and 4 analog inputs.

What's been changed?

1.Faster channel update times.
The NI8u is 30 to 65% faster than before. Thermocouple and RTD inputs are faster than competitive modules. Analog inputs are equivalent to existing offerings.

2.Higher Accuracy and Resolution
Thermocouple and RTD accuracy is higher that competitive offerings. Resolution has also been increased to exceed existing temperature input modules.

3.Additional Input Types
The NI8u now supports Type C thermocouple and resistance inputs. Copper and Nickel RTD inputs are also available. Over 28 input types are supported.

Spectrum Controls manufactures electronic hardware and related software products for the industrial controls marketplace and has been in business since 1983. Products fall into three major categories: I/O modules, human-machine interfaces and communications devices. The corporate headquarters, sales office and manufacturing complex are located near Seattle, a major U.S. commerce port. Regional Sales Offices are located near Detroit, Michigan, and Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.spectrumcontrols.com.
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