SYSCON-PlantStar signs systems integrator in China |

SYSCON-PlantStar signs systems integrator in China

May 2, 2012 - SYSCON-PlantStar is expanding their support of U.S.-based companies with manufacturing facilities in China by engaging the services of Paxon Industries in Shanghai, China. Paul Chiu, owner of Paxon Industries, will be responsible for implementing SYSCON-PlantStar's suite of real-time production and process monitoring systems in Chinese manufacturing companies.

SYSCON-PlantStar's Sales and Support in China
Paul Chiu started Paxon Industries in 1988 in California where he produced automation equipment for the U.S. plastics industry. In 2005, he moved the business to Shanghai to support customers that were starting operations in China. He then expanded into plant monitoring systems, robotics and packaging equipment sales to Chinese plastics, metals, assembly and food industries, primarily servicing the heavily industrialized areas of Shanghai and Guangdong. "We chose Mr. Chiu because he has experience in installing plant monitoring systems and his understanding of the Chinese business culture and marketplace," said Gary Benedix, Vice President of SYSCON-PlantStar. "In addition, Mr. Chiu is fluent in Chinese and has contributed to the translation of PlantStar's software into Chinese. Mr. Chiu is enabling us to make our customers' expansion into China as smooth as possible," added Mr. Benedix.

Benefits of Plant Monitoring Systems in China
SYSCON-PlantStar's plant monitoring and data acquisition systems are ideally suited for companies that are establishing facilities in China. "It's very difficult to monitor what is happening in a manufacturing facility that is thousands of miles away, based on paper or verbal accounts," said Mr. Benedix. "Our systems allow managers in the U.S. to see real-time data gathered directly from the equipment on the shop floor in their Chinese facility."

For companies that will be manufacturing medical parts in China, SYSCON-PlantStar specializes in helping facilities meet or exceed FDA certification requirements with traceability through barcoding, process analysis and recording, reporting of labor and materials, and digital documentation.

To bridge language barriers, SYSCON-PlantStar's electronic tools, screenshots and reports are available in English and Chinese; users can select their preference.

About SYSCON-PlantStar
SYSCON-PlantStar, a division of SYSCON International, Inc., was established in 1988 to provide real-time plant floor data acquisition solutions to the plastics molding industry. PlantStar now offers a wide range of system solutions from simple production monitoring to full-scale integration with ERP systems and FDA compliance subsystems for Plastics, Metal Stamping, Die Casting, Packaging, Assembly and other related industries.

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