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Tecnomatix Launches Em-Insight, Providing Unmatched Versatility For Sharing Web-Based Inspections Data

December 152003
Market's Only Data Source-Neutral Tolerance Management and Statistical Process Control Product Broadens Company's eMPower for Quality Offering

HERZLIA, Israel - December 15, 2003 - Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: TCNO), the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), today launched eM-Insight, a data source-neutral tolerance management and statistical process control (SPC) product that offers a unique way for manufacturing companies to share and distribute parts inspection data throughout the organization. With its secure, Web-based data access model, eM-Insight enables manufacturing and design engineers to collaborate with shop floor engineers to identify and solve mission-critical manufacturing quality issues. eM-Insight is a part of the Tecnomatix eMPower(TM) suite of MPM solutions, and a key component of the eMPower for Quality production monitoring offering. eMPower for Quality helps manufacturers define, analyze, measure and control dimensional quality information across the enterprise.

eM-Insight, which is available immediately, allows users inside the enterprise to use standard Web browsers to share and graphically review parts inspection data, perform sophisticated root-cause analysis to identify 'out-of-tolerance' errors and chart historical data trends. eM-Insight is the only product currently on the market that is data source-neutral, unlike other solutions that provide access only to proprietary internal data.

Among the key features of eM-Insight are:

* Full support for international (ASME and ISO) geometric dimensioning and tolerance standards

* Full re-analysis of collected data

* Web-based reporting with SPC package

* 3D graphics linked to report content, with numbers in report linked to 3D image

* Report mark-up

* Query for data selection

* Industry-standard data format - Dimensional Markup Language (DML)

* Central data repository

"Tecnomatix created and developed eM-Insight with close cooperation and insight from our customers and is, thus, a real solution for real customer needs," said Harel Beit-On, chairman and CEO of Tecnomatix Technologies. "We are confident that eM-Insight stands apart for its customer-driven attention to key details, such as 3D geometry, SPC capabilities and other innovative features. It is truly a next-generation solution and, along with our recent acquisition of USDATA and its shop floor-focused products, is a key part of our commitment to continue extending the reach of our leadership eMPower solutions onto the shop floor."

About Tecnomatix Technologies
Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. is the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM). Today's leading global manufacturers are adopting MPM solutions to expand revenue potential and reduce costs by accelerating product introductions, shortening time to volume, and optimizing production execution. eMPower enables our customers to succeed with its collaborative, open platform and applications for defining, simulating, managing, and executing manufacturing processes across the extended enterprise. For more information please visit www.tecnomatix.com.
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