Theorem Announces Cadverter For UGNX4 |

Theorem Announces Cadverter For UGNX4

March 292006
Theorem Announces Cadverter For UGNX4
nslation Capability for New and Legacy UG Data Available Immediately

CAD data exchange expert Theorem Solutions has announced the immediate availability of its CADverter data exchange application for UGNX4 - to coincide with the new PLM system’s launch.

Available under version 9.1 of CADverter, the new capability underlines Theorem’s strategic partnerships with major PLM system suppliers. These relationships ensure that the company is ideally placed to mirror the development and release programs of all leading design and PLM systems. It not only allows Theorem to respond quickly to changing market requirements, but also capitalises on its utilisation of authorised development environments, enabling it to make ‘right first time’ products available for deployment as soon as users implement the latest UGNX upgrade.

The latest CADverter is available on request to customers with a current maintenance agreement, or to other users on attractive upgrade terms.

With the ability to translate earlier versions of UGNX as well as latest UGNX4 data - along with UG parts as far back as Version 10 - the new UGNX4 CADverter ensures that both current and legacy data can be translated with just a single application.

According to Theorem Solutions’ General Manager, Keith Jeacock: “We have many customers in the UG community. Our new UGNX4 CADverter keeps pace with the latest developments in the PLM market, while also maintaining the facility to translate older versions of UG product data. It matches users’ requirements perfectly, which is why we anticipate high levels of demand for this product from existing and new customers alike.”

About Theorem Solutions
Theorem Solutions is recognised as one of the world’s leaders in CAD/CAM product data exchange, offering application programs for Direct Database conversion and for International Standards-based conversion methods (STEP). The Theorem CADverter family is the widest range of direct CAD translators available from any single source. In addition to CADverter, it includes CADviewer, Data eXchange Navigator (DXN) and CADhealer, all delivering improved communications and interoperability between CAD systems. Theorem’s on-line translation service is at and information on all its products and services can be found at
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