Tracewell's New 14-Slot ATCA Shelf Provides Very High Performance and Extremely Robust Design |

Tracewell's New 14-Slot ATCA Shelf Provides Very High Performance and Extremely Robust Design

July 052005
Tracewell's New 14-Slot ATCA Shelf Provides Very High Performance and Extremely Robust Design
COLUMBUS, OH, July 5, 2005—Tracewell Systems, Inc. announces its second generation CO-Star™ 14-slot AdvancedTCA™ Central Office Shelf. The fully designed system includes numerous design enhancements including an advanced split backplane design for easy customization, highly robust construction, board-to-board assembly to eliminate internal wire harnesses, and additional airflow capacity for cooling beyond 200W/slot. The unit is designed to meet GR-63, GR-1089 UL/EN 60950 EN55024 (in process) for NEBS Level III, and features high reliability, high availability, easy maintenance, and low cost of ownership. Advanced features include advanced push-pull cooling, high performance shelf management, and new split backplane designed for 6.25Gb/s. Both 14-slot dual-dual star and full mesh versions can be provided as special order.

Reliability— The CO-Star is designed for high reliability with an emphasis on eliminating single points of failure. This goes beyond simply providing redundant fan trays or PEMs. Each shelf-level FRU also includes redundancy at the control circuit level, where an IPM Controller is located on both IPMB-A and IPMB-B buses. To ensure an even higher level of redundancy each IPM bus has a separate control processor with information sharing. These characteristics ensure that shelf reliability meets or exceeds 99.999%.

Maintainability—Vital to maintainability is the ability to identify all problems down to FRU level. All shelf FRUs provide standard failure alerts. In addition, the unit provides predictive failure non-critical alerts.

Availability—Shelf reliability meets 99.999% (5 9’s, with an availability of 99.9999 (6 9’s) targeted.

Cooling— The CO-Star combines a high-pressure push-pull fan configuration with advanced software control, allowing operation at 200W per slot even in the event of a fan failure. Also included on the CO-Star is active RTM cooling for up to 30W per slot. Under normal operating conditions, fans speeds are reduced to provide quiet operation. In the event of a fan failure, fans speeds are increased to 130% to compensate for lost airflow.

Field Replaceable Fan Trays—The Fan Tray units have been designed for fast and easy replacement. The control circuits have been optimized to cover component, supply and control failures. Fan trays also include an MTBF tracking sensor, alerting the system manager when fans approach the end of rated operating life. The MTBF value is adjusted based on fan operating RPM and temperature. This unique feature allows fans to be replaced before failure, reducing unscheduled maintenance.

Field Replaceable Power Entry—Power is provided to the shelf through the rear mounted Power Entry Module (PEM), which provides common and differential mode EMC filters. Power is distributed in a redundant arrangement so that a single power feed or a single PEM can fail without affecting system operation. Power sensors provide alerts when voltages and or currents deviate from expected values.
Shelf Management— The primary shelf management system is the Motorola M100, due in part to very low power consumption and small footprint. The M100 includes an HPI and SNMP interface, as well as on-board RMCP server. The M100 provides redundant IPM controllers for IPMB0-A and IPMB0-B for exceptional reliability. M100 shelf management has proven interoperability with all available ATCA-compliant IPMI management schemes. Other shelf management systems can also be supported.

Backplane— At the heart of the design are two advanced backplane options. The dual-star version supports centralized switching through two center hub slots. A full-mesh version adds support for distributed switching. The fabric layout has been characterized and tested to provide link performance up to 6.25 Gb/s. For maximum reliability, the backplane includes bussed IPMB management connectivity. The shelf configuration board resides on the backplane and also contains an IPMC and is an active FRU. The backplane also serves as the main interconnect point for all FRU devices, nearly eliminating wiring throughout.

Split Backplane— Another unique feature of the CO-Star is its split backplane design. By separating the base and fabric interface section from the rest of the backplane, the CO-Star offers greater flexibility and cost savings. This patent pending technique allows faster customization and reduced layer count.

Price and Availability. Pricing for the complete CO-Star™ AdvancedTCA™ Central Office Shelf is $8,500.00 (quantity 10 with dual ShMC and PEMs) and the units are available 8 - 10 weeks ARO.

For more information. To receive more information on Tracewell’s CO-Star™ AdvancedTCA™ Central Office Shelf, or any Tracewell Systems product, please visit Tracewell on the web at or contact the Sales Department at:

567 Enterprise Drive
Westerville, OH 43081
Toll Free: 800-848-4525
Phone: 614-846-6175
FAX: 614-846-4450

About Tracewell Systems. For more than 25 years, Tracewell Systems, Inc. has provided electronic packaging and integration solutions that enhance the performance of a wide range of VME, VXI, PXI, cPCI, and proprietary bus systems. Tracewell Systems provides levels 0 through 5 of system integration, and specializes in levels 3, 4, and 5. As a vertically integrated manufacturer with a full range of engineering disciplines, the company can supply complete level 5 system integration, ranging from concept design, software and manufacturing services, to system engineering, PC board assembly, metal fabrication, wiring and functional test. Tracewell offers complete design and manufacture of system packaging, backplanes, power and monitoring systems, supplying everything from off-the-shelf standard products to fully customized and integrated rack systems. Tracewell works as a strategic partner with its customers, adding value through development of system solutions for telecommunications, test and measurement, medical, military and other demanding applications.

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