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TURCK Introduces New Sensors and Connectivity Catalogs CD

August 032005
TURCK Introduces New Sensors and Connectivity Catalogs CD
TURCK Inc. has released a new Sensors and Connectivity CD (B0010) that combines their two largest catalogs in one convenient CD. The CD has many advantages over the printed Sensors and Connectivity catalogs, making over 1200 pages accessible through one easy to use, navigate and transport CD.

Designed in PDF format for optimal maneuverability, the user simply needs Adobe Acrobat to view the catalogs. Bookmarks and quick link buttons let the user quickly locate desired information and move from catalog pages, to menus, to selection guides with the click of a mouse. Quick links also connect to catalog sections such as raw cable (reelfast ®), sensor mating cordset, and mold on connector options.

Rather than refer to separate, 600-plus page catalogs, the CD is easy to carry, store, transfer and share information. It can be used as a tool to print off portions of the catalog or to separate individual pages and send them to other users, like customers and colleagues. This time saving tool is another way TURCK strives to provide the highest level of customer service.

TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced control solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits.

For more information on TURCK products, Click here to request your Free CD or visit them on the web www.turck.com.
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