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TURCK--New Intrinsically Safe Modular I/O System Simplifies Wiring and Cuts Costs

TURCK--New Intrinsically Safe Modular I/O System Simplifies Wiring and Cuts Costs
Minneapolis, MN—August 16, 2002—TURCK has announced excom®—an intrinsically safe modular remote I/O system featuring fieldbus outputs to the controller. excom modules interface field wiring from classified hazardous areas to PLCs or control systems in safe areas. Direct interface eliminates the need for conventional intrinsic safety barriers, which simplifies wiring and termination while reducing costs by approximately 50%. List prices begin at $65.00 per loop.

The excom system consists of a modular backplane bus with integrated voltage supply and bus communication, and modules. System modules designed for direct installation into Class I, Zone 1, or Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. excom components and modules are hot-swappable. Module front panels include an integral mounting bracket and mechanical coding system, allowing easy manual insertion and removal without tools. Bus addresses, from 0 to 199, are quickly and easily selected using three decimal-coded, rotary switches.

Standard systems, available with 16, 8 or 4 space-saving, open I/O modules, include up to two miniature redundant 9-pole D-Sub connectors for connection to the higher level fieldbus. The backplane positioning of these connectors allows users to exchange gateways without bus interruption. The 16-module system includes redundant power supplies and gateways that enhance system availability by enabling users to exchange devices during operation. Field devices are connected via four 4-pole connectors per module. Mini-combicon, screw, crimp or cage-clamp connections may be used.

Dual-color LEDs on each I/O module provide a constant display of status information, including breaks or short circuits in field wiring; defective, missing, or incorrectly inserted modules; internal backplane bus errors; and insufficient supply voltage.

Miniature gold-plated connectors provide superior contact stability for module connection. Optional HART-compatible modules are also available for excom®. The external power supply link, securely connected via screw terminals, features increased safety protection type Ex e.

TURCK Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced control solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. TURCK Inc., 3000 Campus Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55441. Phone: 763-553-7300. For technical information, contact: TURCK Application Engineering, Toll-Free: 800-TURCKIS (800-887-2547). Email: [email protected]
Web: www.turck-usa.com/products/is_products
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