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TURCK--New Noise Immune Capacitive Sensor

TURCK--New Noise Immune Capacitive Sensor
Minneapolis, MN–March 8, 2002–TURCK Inc. has announced the introduction of the New Noise Immune Capacitive Sensor or "BCF" sensors. These sensors incorporate a unique filter principle, making them immune to most industrial noise. This principle involves a fixed oscillator frequency combined with a rectifier filter providing superior noise immunity over the competition. TURCK's fixed oscillator allows the sensor to maintain a constant frequency regardless of sensitivity adjustment. This fixed frequency is high enough to ignore most of the "standard" noise levels seen on plant floors. Electrical noise is mostly symmetrical which makes it easier to identify and separate from the sensor's input signal. The TURCK rectifier filter is able to block this noise, allowing only the "useful" input signal, which is in phase with the oscillator frequency, to pass.

Capacitive sensors were originally designed for use in areas where level detection applications were far away from other electrical equipment. As factory automation has become more prevalent throughout industrial markets, these capacitive sensors have moved into new environments where greater electrical noise levels exist Various sources including variable frequency drives, electromechanical motors and standard walkie-talkie devices can produce electrical noise. These noisy environments can have adverse effects on sensing devices and cause them to operate improperly and unreliably. These two innovative electrical techniques give TURCK the best defense against industrial noise. The BCF capacitive sensors have been tested to a higher standard than required, exceeding most of the specifications listed by CE. The new BCF sensors are available in 18 mm and 30 mm plastic barrel housings.

TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced sensing solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. For other TURCK products or technical information, please contact: Application Support-Toll free: 800-544-PROX (7769). Visit us on the web http://www.turck.com, or
Email: [email protected].
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