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TURCK's New Line of WeldGuard Sensors

TURCK's New Line of WeldGuard Sensors
Minneapolis, MN- TURCK Inc. has announced a new line of WeldGuard Sensors. In many resistance welding applications, particularly automotive body and assembly, the conditions are extremely harsh. Sensors can fail due to weld slag, weld dust, high heat and physical damage. TURCK has developed a front face material proven through independent lab tests to last as much as 13 or more times longer than standard sensor face material sensors. Through very rigid test criteria, TURCK sensors, as well as competitive sensors, were tested to. The point of failure. TURCK's WeldGuard sensors performed better than all others tested by at least a factor of 10. No competitive sensor tested has a front face material that lasts as long as WeldGuard. This includes thermoset, thermoplastic and stainless steel. It is available in AC/DC ferrite core with WFI, DC U-prox ® , and extended range ferrite core with 2 and 3-wire DC. The barrel material is either stainless steel or teflon coated and is available in 8, 12, 18 and 30 mm barrels and cube style CA40 (40 mm cube). It is also available as embeddable or non-embeddable sensing in most housings. TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced sensing solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes, products and profits. For other TURCK products or technical information, please contact: Application Support- Toll free: 800-544-PROX (7769). Visit us on the web www.turck.com, or Email: [email protected].

For additional product information,
please contact:
Product Manager:
Brian Tarbox
(763) 553-7335
email: [email protected]
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