United Electric Controls announces new facility for Precision Sensors Division

United Electric Controls announces new facility for Precision Sensors Division

September 12, 2017 — United Electric Controls’ Precision Sensors Division is moving to a larger Connecticut facility to accommodate growth in military, aerospace and semiconductor business. Precision Sensors provides custom control, monitoring and alarm technology to support critical functions and is experiencing heightened demand across its product lines. The company is expanding its floor capacity, moving from a 10,000-square foot to a 25,000-square foot facility in Milford, CT.

Located at 340 Woodmont Road in Milford, the new facility is a modern, world class manufacturing plant designed around Precision Sensors’ exceptional commitment to quality. Precision Sensors manufactures all products, in accordance with a Certification of Approval to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Revision C.  Primary and secondary production are designed and organized to enhance the ability to rapidly meet shifts in demand. A 50-percent increase in the number of flexible workstations promotes greater utilization of lean manufacturing initiatives. The new facility also has room to scale upward to meet future demand growth.

This is Precision Sensors’ second major expansion. Founded in 1962 in a 4,000-square foot building in Bridgeport, CT, Precision Sensors developed and manufactured pressure and flow sensors for military applications. By 1989, when United Electric Controls acquired it, the company had moved to a 10,000 square-foot-building in Milford, Conn. and had expanded its market to aerospace and semiconductor manufacturers.