Vision Depot announces web site for machine vision products |

Vision Depot announces web site for machine vision products

October 31, 2006 - The Vision Depot is a manufacturer of machine vision products, including camera mounts, light mounts, adjustable mounts, vision fixtures, camera enclosures, adjustable mounting brackets, LED lighting, and machine vision lenses. It's now possible to have your machine vision system running smoothly and efficiently with no more disruption than the click of a button on a website!

Headquartered out of suburban Detroit, The Vision Depot has gathered individuals with years of experience in the machine vision industry together, and offers custom-made machine vision products ready for a variety of systems. Examples of these products include mounts made for the DVT Legend Series cameras, or the Cognex Checker cameras, among others.

Fixtures and bracket kits for lights and for cameras are available with variances in dimensions, all available on the website. If your particular system isn't specified among the vast array of products available, there are other custom-options available. Getting the necessary machine vision accessories could be as simple as clicking a button, submitting a part print online, or even entering a camera manufacturer's number. A variety of lenses and lighting solutions are available, as well.

Support and advice are available via e-mail, or by using the toll free number. Purchasing is easy: no account needs to be created, no signing up with anything -- just enter your credit card information and wait for your delivery! Get your machine vision system running effectively and flawlessly today!
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