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WAGO Corporation Achieves High ISO 9001:2000 Standard

WAGO Corporation Achieves High ISO 9001:2000 Standard
Germantown, WI, November 2002 — WAGO is please to announce it has received continued registration and an upgrade to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Approximately 5% of ISO registered companies have successfully completed this re-certification.

“The major difference between our old certification and the new is the emphasis now on customer satisfaction,” said Michael Lane, President of WAGO Corporation. “Top management is more involved than ever to ensure the customer experience is not just measured by product quality, but by the total experience driven by the whole organization.”

This new standard concentrates on a series of processes that meet a particular outcome. Companies must plan their activities for improvement, and the measurable objectives of the organization must be set with improvement in mind. WAGO’s dedication to quality and customer service is evident with this upgrade. Companies that do not achieve re-certification of the new ISO 9001:2000 standard by December 15th, 2003 will have their current ISO registration revoked.

WAGO is the worldwide leader in spring pressure termination technology. Since it was formed in 1951, WAGO's core business has been the design, manufacture and marketing of an increasingly wide range of highly innovative terminal blocks and connectors featuring the company's unique Cage-Clamp connection technology. WAGO also specializes in DIN rail mounted fieldbus independent I/O systems, custom electronics and factory automation products. For more information, call Inside Sales at 1-800-DIN-RAIL, or visit www.wago.com.
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