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WAGO WALL-NUTS Approved in New York City

WAGO WALL-NUTS Approved in New York City
Germantown, WI, June, 2002 — WAGO WALL-NUTS, the first push wire connector available for solid and stranded wire, have been approved for use in New York City by the Bureau of Electrical Control Advisory Board.

WAGO WALL-NUTS are UL-listed at 600V for building wiring and 1000V for fixtures and signs. They connect wire sizes 12-16 AWG for stranded wire and 12-18 AWG for solid wire.

WAGO WALL-NUTS provide a number of features and benefits over traditional twist wire connectors. Wiring time is reduced because no twisting and taping is required. The technician simply strips the wire and inserts the conductor. The transparent housing allows for visual confirmation of the connection, ensuring greater reliability. In addition, each connector has a test port for easy continuity testing without re-insertion.

WAGO is the world leader in spring pressure termination technology and automation products, specializing in DIN rail mounted terminal blocks and connectors, fieldbus independent I/O systems, custom electronics and factory automation products. For more information, call: Inside Sales, at 1-800-DIN-RAIL. Visit WAGO on the Internet at www.wago.com.
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