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WAGO X-COM System Receives Increased Ratings

WAGO X-COM System Receives Increased Ratings
Germantown, WI, March 2003—The WAGO X-COM (769 Series) family of products is now recognized at 20A, 600V. The increased ratings make this “plug and play” series available for use in all industrial environments. In applications where maximum voltage and current is key, the availability of 20A/600V allows the system to be used to its fullest potential. WAGO is the only company offering these products with the increased ratings.

The X-COM 769 Series provides “X” number of connection combinations which utilize terminal blocks and plugs that are designed to create one, self-contained plug-in connection system with unlimited variations. With such a wide variety of combinations, the X-COM System saves money on installation and maintenance, allowing pre-assembled modules to be plugged into DIN 35 rail-mounted receptacle terminals.

“Use of the X-COM SYSTEM provides the integrator and end user with the time proven reliability of the WAGO CAGE CLAMP technology and the time-saving flexibility of the plug and play concept,” explains Jim Bachle, Electrical Products Manager at WAGO. “Inter-related products, such as X-COM, allow technicians to assemble the complete system in project segments in a controlled environment that maximizes overall productivity.”

New developments to the series include base receptacle terminal blocks with two connections for either 2 plugs or 1 plugs/1 CAGE CLAMP® and 2-way jumping. WAGO’s CAGE CLAMP® technology featured in the X-COM System provides vibration proof, low resistance, and superior quality connections. Receptacle blocks for fuse plugs and electronic component modules are available, offering greater modularity and space savings.

Blocks are also available in disconnect, diode and LED versions. The X-COM System has further expanded with a variety of printed circuit board headers and chassis mount connectors. This allows greater usage of pre-assembled modules while being able to branch with the single conductors and female plugs. X-COM is fast becoming the system of choice for interfacing between panel and external wiring.

For more information, contact Inside Sales at 1-800-DIN-RAIL, [email protected], or visit www.wago.com.

WAGO is the worldwide leader in spring pressure termination technology. Since it was formed in 1951, WAGO's core business has been the design, manufacture and marketing of an increasingly wide range of highly innovative terminal blocks and connectors featuring the company's unique Cage-Clamp connection technology. WAGO also specializes in DIN rail mounted fieldbus independent I/O systems, custom electronics and factory automation products.
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