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Weidmuller Expands Popular PCB Connector Line

Weidmuller Expands Popular PCB Connector Line
RICHMOND, VA (October 21, 2002) – Weidmuller has expanded its highly popular PCB connector line by offering customers a new 3.81 mm (0.15 inch) pitch connector system. This new system, which complements Weidmuller’s comprehensive 3.5 mm pitch system, allows customers to choose from a wide variety of high density connection products from Weidmuller.

The 3.81 mm pitch pin headers are offered in 90° (horizontal) and 180° (vertical) orientations. The socket blocks, with clamping yoke connection, are available with three different cable-entry angle possibilities: 180°, 90°, and 270°. The pin headers and socket blocks are also offered with or without integrated screw flanges for added security.

Available in black and green, the new Weidmuller PCB connectors are layout compatible with the current 3.81 mm connectors in the market. The SL 3.81/BL 3.81 is offered in preferred pole versions (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 poles) with other versions up to 20 poles available upon request. This product has a UL Rating of 300V/8A, accommodating 30-16 AWG wire; and a CSA Rating of 300V/5A, accommodating 22-14 AWG wire. VDE approved.
List price for the BL 3.81 is 0.52/pole; list price for the SL 3.81 is 0.18/pole.

Weidmuller, Inc. is the U.S. operation of Germany-based Weidmuller Interface GmbH and Company—the world’s leading supplier of electrical connection technology such as terminal blocks, printed circuit board terminals and connectors, relay sockets and plugs, and power supplies. Weidmuller has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide, with 70 sales organizations or offices in more than 60 countries. Weidmuller, Inc. was established in Richmond, Virginia in 1975 and currently employs approximately 130 people in its U.S. operations.
For more information about Weidmuller, Inc. and its products, please contact:
Marketing Communications Manager
Weidmuller, Inc.
821 Southlake Boulevard
Richmond, Virginia 23236

Phone (800) 849-9343
Fax (804) 794-0252
Email [email protected]
Website www.weidmuller.com
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