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Weidmuller Introduces the SL-SMarTâ 5.0X: The Intelligent Pin Header

Weidmuller Introduces the SL-SMarTâ 5.0X: The Intelligent Pin Header
CHICAGO (March 3, 2003) — Already known as a pioneer in SL-SMT technology, Weidmuller has once again revolutionized SMT production processes with the introduction of its new modular SMT compatible pin header, the SL-SMarTâ 5.0X—a patented, innovative product that achieves 100% continuity in the SMT production process while reducing cost by 30% and simplifying logistics.

With the revolutionary SL-SMarTâ 5.0X, only one system is needed for both the 5.00 and 5.08 mm pitch. The two- and three-pole versions of the “smart” SL-SMarTâ have a self-aligning feature that actually finds the correct pitch. No restrictions for length anymore, either. Now pole versions can be made up from 2 to 24—on up to infinity. The pick and place machine does all the work.

The SL-SMarTâ 5.0X has been designed with optimal placement features in mind. Its modular design reduces storage cost by minimizing part numbers—from 92 variations down to 4. And because of its small size and light weight, the SL-SMarTâ 5.0X facilitates high assembly speeds and higher placement reliability, resulting in greater efficiency. In addition, the SL-SMarTâ 5.0X pin headers are offered in tape-on-reel packaging. Four slim 32-mm tapes reduce set-up space and keep costs for the feeder bank to a minimum.

A distinguishing feature of the modular SL-SMarTâ 5.0X pin headers is the short 1.5-mm pin length, which requires very little soldering paste and can utilize normal one layer fine pitch stencils. The short pins allow the application of soldering paste to both sides of the PCB, making component placement on both sides of the PCB possible. The short THR pin offers ten times greater tensile strength than standard SMT pins.

The SL-SMarTâ 5.0X’s minimal component height avoids restrictions on the traversing height over the PCB, and also prevents collisions. Because the short pin lengths contribute to a low component height, the height of the packaging can also be kept very low, resulting in a more cost-effective, large unit pack per reel. In addition, the optimized pin ends of the SL-SMarTâ 5.0X are easily recognized by optical recognition systems, and its integrated stand-off guarantees a paste-free space without increasing the height of the component. With its minimal component length for high rotational and transport speeds, it is easy to see why the SL-SMarTâ 5.0X achieves maximum placement performances.

As with the rest of the SL-SMT product family, the modular SL-SMarTâ 5.0X pin headers are made from the high temperature-resistant, halogen-free insulating material LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), which remains dimensionally stable even at high temperatures in excess of 260 °C. LCP plastics allow Weidmuller's pin headers to be used in all reflow soldering processes including infrared, convection and vapour phase. In addition, the LCP material is environmentally friendly, contains no halogens, and lends itself to be used for lead-free soldering requirements of the future.

Weidmuller, Inc. is the U.S. operation of Germany-based Weidmuller Interface GmbH and Company—the world’s leading supplier of electrical connection technology such as terminal blocks, printed circuit board terminals and connectors, relay sockets and plugs, and power supplies. Weidmuller has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide, with 70 sales organizations or offices in more than 60 countries. Weidmuller, Inc. was established in Richmond, Virginia in 1975 and currently employs approximately 130 people in its U.S. operations.

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