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What are you doing to improve business performance?

September 9, 2009 – In a difficult global economy, companies are seeking every lever in their production plants to keep business performance high so they survive to thrive in the upturn. To find out whether these operational improvements are driving business success, Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International and its research partner Cambashi Inc. are now inviting producers and manufacturers to respond to a new industry survey, Correlating Plant Performance to Business Performance.

MESA is seeking responses from companies in all production industries – discrete, batch, continuous process and mixed mode – in multiple industry segments located anywhere around the globe. This on-line survey is available for industry response now, and will be available through September 23. The online survey is accessible for those wanting to participate via the following links: www.MESA.org or through www.surveymethods.com/EndUser.aspx?F7D3BFA3F5B4A4A0.

The questionnaire asks both about improvement to and performance against specific plant and business metrics, plus software applications used, and the timeliness and structure of metrics practices. The study will correlate plant results to business results to show benefits from software use. Respondents can elect to provide information on their performance in areas across the enterprise including: product lifecycle, quality and compliance, manufacturing productivity and lean, real-time enterprise and IT, and supply chain management. With adequate response, this information will be made available in industry-grouped views for MESA Premium Members as well.

All respondents to the survey will receive a copy of the public summary findings report as soon as it is released in January. MESA Premium members will also have access to a comprehensive findings report. In addition, respondents will be entered in a drawing for five MESA individual manufacturer/producer memberships, with respondents gaining one chance to win for every segment of the survey they complete. Companies with more than 3 respondents to the study will also be entered in a drawing to win a manufacturer/producer corporate membership.

Preliminary findings will be released at the MESA Europe Plant-to-Enterprise Conference October 27-28, 2009 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The conference, themed “Survive to Thrive,” will include a special interactive session on Wednesday October 28th on the results of this “Correlating Plant Performance to Business Performance” survey.

“MESA is concerned with how performance KPIs translate to continuous improvement and how production impacts the company’s success. Most industrial companies have a huge challenge to transform KPIs into actionable intelligence that improves business performance, and with this study, we aim to deliver not only data, but insights into good practices, and how to get a return on plant investments,” according to MESA Metrics Working Group co-Chairman Steven Kaplan of Murata Power Solutions.

In addition to MESA International, premium funding sponsors for the study are: GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Invensys Operations Management, Logica, Rockwell Automation, and Siemens. Supporting sponsors are Cordys and SAP AG. The seven co-sponsor companies underwriting the effort provide deep and diverse expertise in plant operations, effective metrics practices, plus manufacturing and business software. In conjunction with MESA, these companies seek to increase the manufacturing market’s understanding of the role plant performance and operations metrics play in corporate performance improvement.

About MESA
MESA is the first choice for industry professionals seeking innovative thinking and leadership to drive operations excellence. Our Member-driven working groups, industry events and educational forums:
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    About Cambashi
    Cambashi, based in Cambridge UK and Cummaquid MA USA, provides independent research and analysis of the business reasons to use IT in industry worldwide. It specializes in engineering, enterprise, plant and supply chain applications and the infrastructure to enable industrial firms to use IT effectively. Cambashi publishes market size estimates in the engineering applications Market Observatory and industry issue research studies in the Cambashi Reports Industry Directions series. Its clients vary in size from small to large and include most of the leading software vendors and many pioneering IT users. Cambashi is a member of CATN, an international association of consultants.
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