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Wieland announces new expansion module to its ricos I/O series

Wieland announces new expansion module to its ricos I/O series
BURGAW, N.C. (March 26, 2003) – Wieland Electric, Inc announces a new expansion module to its comprehensive ricos ~ remote interface communications system I/O modules. The new ricos RS232/RS485 module provides 1 RS232 port and 1 RS485 port for serial interfaces for applications such as scales, bar code scanners and monitoring systems. This module interfaces with any one of the major fieldbuses supported by Wieland. Due to the limitations often accompanying RS232 communications (15m max communication distance), this module is an ideal solution for remotely located equipment where any inexpensive interface is required. This module has the same dimensions and wiring features as standard expansion modules with the diagnostic features available through the buscoupler interface (force, lock, trigger, etc.) It is also the only module to incorporate RS232 and RS485 in one module.

The ricos series RS232/RS485 expansion module is ideal for “communication applications such as bar code scanner interface, pressure sensors and transducers and weighing equipment.” The ricos series provides unique diagnostic features not available in competitive devices currently on the market. (Modules enable individual I/O point programming and local force capabilities from the buscoupler interface used for monitoring and commissioning I/O points). In addition, the ricos modules provide “works in a drawer” feature which allows removal of the electronics for replacement or repair without disturbing the wiring.

The pricing for the ricos RS232/RS485 module starts at $285.71, with availability from stock.

For more information about Wieland’s ricos I/O system or the RS232/RS485 module, customers may contact their local distributor, or call (800) Wieland; or fax (910) 259-3691; by mail at Wieland Electric Inc., 49 International Road, Burgaw, NC 28425; or on the worldwide web at www.wielandinc.com.
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