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Wieland Introduces Type THSI Pluggable Lever

November 072005
Wieland Introduces Type THSI Pluggable Lever
BURGAW, N.C. (November 07, 2005) – Wieland Electric, Inc has expanded its DIN Rail terminal block line to include a pluggable fuse holder for industrial applications. The THSI family of pluggable fuse holders allows for easy replacement of the fuse and holder without the need for costly wire re-termination. At a mere 6mm wide, the 5x20mm fuse holder is the narrowest on the market. Unlike other lever style fuse holders that are permanently fixed to the terminal block, Wieland’s THSI 5x20 and THSI 6.3x32 pluggable fuse holders can be swapped out or replaced without having to rewire the base terminal.

“With Wieland’s new pluggable lever fuse holders, our customers now have the advantage of both easy fuse replacement and disconnect provided by standard lever blocks,” explains Business Manager Marc Immordino, “combined with the capability of quickly changing fuses without the need to rewire.”

The THSI fuse holders provide 100% touch-proof protection and can be universally used with Wieland’s screw clamp, spring cage, and insulation displacement (IDC) fuse blocks, thus simplifying the material management process. Versions are available with or without blown fuse indicators for 12V to 250V operations. All versions include spare fuse storage, both ganging and locking feature, and easily viewed marking locations at each clamping point. Other standard features include a locking point that helps prevent accidental lever closure, and a holder design that facilitates continuity testing directly at the fuse. All versions are UL approved and are designed for any sensitive automation or control circuits that require cost effective current limiting such as automated test equipment, robotics, machine tools, and motor applications.

All parts are currently in stock and have a list price starting at $2.35.

For more information about Wieland’s Type THSI Pluggable Lever Fuse Holders for DIN Rail terminal blocks, customers may contact their local distributor, or call (800) Wieland; or fax (910) 259-3691; by mail at Wieland Electric Inc., 49 International Road, Burgaw, NC 28425; or on the worldwide web at www.wielandinc.com.

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