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Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance joins the Automation Federation

Research Triangle Park, NC (October 18, 2006) - The Automation Federation announced today that the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA) will join the umbrella organization as a charter member.

WINA is a coalition of industrial end-user companies, technology suppliers, industry organizations, software developers, system integrators, and others interested in the advancement of wireless solutions for industry. The organization aims to communicate the benefits of using wireless in industrial applications, to improve confidence in wireless technology and access to solutions, and to focus on the end user.

"WINA's dedication to influencing and supporting standards, developing information materials, and forming industry partnerships is consistent with the goals of The Automation Federation," said The Automation Federation Board Chairman Ken Baker. "WINA is a strong organization with a strong identity in the marketplace, and we look forward to helping them increase their successes in the future."

WINA's ongoing operational activities focus on education and professional networking. This includes web seminars, participation in industry trade shows, presentations at industry conferences, and contributions to industry standards activities.

"We are delighted to welcome WINA to The Automation Federation. WINA's presence will help all of the member companies fulfill a shared mission of facilitating the successful development and application of automation technologies," said Bruno Kisala, Managing Director of The Automation Federation. "AF provides a corporate home for WINA and offers collaboration, synergy, autonomy, and stability to the organization."

The Automation Federation provides an umbrella under which associations and societies engaged in manufacturing and process automation activities can work more effectively to fulfill their missions. Current member organizations include ISA, OMAC, and WBF.

"By coordinating our work with the work of the other member organizations, we can more effectively fulfill our mission as an organization," said WINA Chairman of the Board Hesh Kagan, Director, Technology with Invensys Process Systems. "We look forward to becoming even more successful by expanding our activities in the global marketplace and leveraging our partnerships in the industry."
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