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Wonderware InTouch Software Receives Zenith Engineering Excellence Award

October 272004
Australian Train Control System Featuring InTouch Software Wins "Transport and Infrastructure" Category

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Oct. 26, 2004 -- Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., today announced that an Australian train control system built with its InTouch human-machine interface (HMI) software has received a Zenith award for engineering excellence. The award was presented by Process and Control Engineering (PACE) magazine, a leading Australian industry publication for the process, automation and control engineering market.

The 2004 PACE Zenith awards recognize companies that have shown leadership in engineering, technological excellence and innovation. The 2004 inaugural award was presented to ARG Freightlink, operator of Australia's Alice Springs to Darwin railway, for its WestOrder train control system featuring InTouch software. The WestOrder project received its honors in the "Transport and Infrastructure" category.

Developed by Westinghouse Signals Australia, a sister Invensys company, the WestOrder train control system is based on Wonderware's InTouch visualization and industrial process control software. The computer-assisted train-order working system is used to control the Central Australian Railway from the Southern interface point at Northgate to Alice Springs, as well as the new line being built to Darwin.

According to the Zenith award description, a train-order working system is a widely accepted, procedurally based train control system. The train crew is required to comply with the instructions in the train order together with any additional signal indications. The goal is to avoid accidents by ensuring that no two trains can simultaneously possess a valid authority, or train order, to enter a specified section of track. Also according to the award description, the WestOrder system uses InTouch software running on the Microsoft Windows Server 2000 operating system to maximize cost investment while maintaining stability and performance.

The WestOrder project focused on developing the system's core functionality through the configuration of existing products, rather than writing new code. The project's low cost, increased stability, high performance and short development cycle were largely attributed to this project's development strategy. The use of Wonderware's solution ensured that WestOrder would have a high level of system functionality while still maintaining a proven, reliable platform that could be maintained through a wide market base.

Nominations were reviewed by a panel of industry experts and were selected based on PACE's criteria for technical innovation, engineering expertise, complexity, project management, quality, safety, best business practices as well as commercial aspects such as return on investment.

"InTouch software is designed to be flexible enough to meet users' immediate needs and scale to accommodate their future requirements, while retaining the value of earlier engineering investments and efforts," said Renee Brandt, Wonderware's marketing manager for visualization products. "This award recognizes that Wonderware keeps the needs of its customers top-of-mind when developing products -- and we will continue our efforts to bring innovative products to the manufacturing and industrial automation marketplace."

Wonderware's InTouch software is designed for visualization and industrial process control. Its powerful SmartSymbols technology enables users to quickly create and deploy customized applications that connect and deliver real-time information. In addition, Wonderware offers a full range of products for SCADA -- including SCADAlarm event-notification software; the IndustrialSQL Server real-time plant historian; ActiveFactory reporting and analysis clients; SuiteVoyager portal software; InTouch visualization software; and the Industrial Application Server, which is built on the ArchestrA software architecture.

Wonderware's InTouch software has received several editorial and user awards since its introduction including being recognized as the industry's favorite HMI for 10 consecutive years by Control magazine readers as part of its annual "Readers' Choice Awards."

About Wonderware and ArchestrA Business Units
Wonderware and ArchestrA are business units of Invensys Systems, Inc. Wonderware is the world's leading supplier of industrial automation and information software. Founded in 1987, Wonderware pioneered the use of the Microsoft Windows operating system in HMI automation software for manufacturing operation systems. Wonderware software powers intelligent plant decisions in real time. The hallmark of the ArchestrA architecture is: "Every system in your plant, working in concert."

Based in Lake Forest, Calif., the Wonderware and ArchestrA business units have regional sales and development offices throughout the North American, European, Latin American and Asia-Pacific regions to provide support to its network of more than 160 distributor offices. Wonderware has approximately 300,000 software licenses in approximately 100,000 plants worldwide, which is about 30 percent of the world's 335,000 plants with 20 or more employees. For more information, visit www.wonderware.com or www.archestra.biz.

About Invensys Rail Systems
Invensys Rail Systems is a multinational leader in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of safety-related rail signaling and control systems, as well as a complete range of rail signaling products. Rail Systems businesses, including Westinghouse Rail Systems Limited, Dimetronic Signals, Safetran Systems, Burco Services, Westinghouse Signals Australia and Foxboro Transportation have established market-leading positions in the U.S., U.K. and Spain.

About Invensys
Invensys is a global automation, controls and process solutions group. Products, services, expertise and ongoing support enable intelligent systems to monitor and control processes in many different environments. The businesses within Invensys help customers in a variety of industries perform with greater efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. Industry areas of focus include hydrocarbons, chemicals, oil and gas, power and utilities, rail, telecommunications, paper, food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals and personal care.

The Invensys Group is headquartered in the U.K. and listed on the London Stock Exchange. With 39,000 employees operating in 60 countries, Invensys helps customers to improve their performance and profitability, building value for end users and shareholders alike. For more information, visit www.invensys.com.

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