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Wonderware Joins MESA International Industry Board

November 282005
LAKE FOREST, Calif., Nov. 28, 2005 -- Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems Inc., today announced the appointment of Claus Abildgren to the board of directors of the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International. Abildgren, who serves as program manager for Wonderware's production and performance management software solutions, will serve as MESA's "board member at large."

A non-profit organization, MESA promotes the exchange of best practices, strategies and innovations to achieve plant-floor execution excellence. MESA's industry events, symposiums, and publications help manufacturers, systems integrators and vendors improve manufacturing operations and manufacturing quality. MESA offers practical solutions using manufacturing execution systems (MES) that include a combination of information, business, manufacturing and supply chain technologies. "With the surge in demand for connecting the plant floor to the enterprise, Wonderware's contributions provide an important resource to members focused on improving the health and agility of manufacturing production systems," said DeAnn Fedyski, executive director for MESA International.

Wonderware will facilitate the sharing of best practices from lessons learned throughout the last decade. As board member at large, Abildgren will support MESA's goal of delivering technical strategies and knowledge to promote more effective implementations of MES. MES has witnessed a resurgence in interest recently due to the demand by manufacturers to link the factory floor with business management operations. By integrating these business processes, real-time information can be used to better manage production and related supply chain issues.

"With MESA's continuing leadership and growth of the MES industry, the board appointment provides Wonderware an opportunity to directly impact the evolution of production and performance management software solutions that include MES functionality," Abildgren said. "Wonderware has several customers that are currently implementing or enhancing their plant-to-business processes and, as a MESA board member, Wonderware can benefit from the wealth of knowledge available through this organization as well as share our experiences with other members."

Wonderware has taken the lead in helping advance beyond traditional MES approaches by offering flexible strategies for improving plant floor operations. For example, Wonderware's Enterprise Integration Application enables manufacturers the architectural freedom, flexibility and scalability to adapt to local plant requirements and budgets, while striving for increased profitability through standardization efforts for operational excellence. Customers also can improve production processes by more effectively using existing manufacturing resources.

The overall business driver behind the surge in demand for enterprise integration is to increase operational performance, typically across multiple sites. Wonderware's production and performance management solutions include the complete range of MES functions that help companies bridge the gap between the real-time domain of the plant floor and the transactional domain of business systems.

"By integrating existing messaging and middleware systems, manufacturing organizations can preserve technology investments and retain existing infrastructure and IT strategies," Abildgren said. "They also can easily and cost-effectively update the top-level system architecture to accommodate for future requirements.

"Wonderware's software innovations as well as its introduction of Invensys' ArchestrA software architecture offer MESA and its members valuable information that strengthens our mission to support the application layer between plant-floor and ERP systems."

About MESA
For more information about MESA, visit www.mesa.org.

About Invensys and Its Wonderware and ArchestrA Business Units
Visit www.wonderware.com/about_us/news/wwarchestra.asp.
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