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Wonderware Joins Open Application Group Board of Directors

April 252006
LAKE FOREST, Calif., April 25, 2006 -- Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., today announced the appointment of Yves Dufort as its representative to the board of directors of the Open Application Group, Inc. (OAGi). Dufort serves as director in the Wonderware applications consulting services group for Wonderware.

OAGi, which oversees the Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS) standard, is a non-profit development organization focused on building business language standards for enterprise application interoperability. OAGIS was developed to address the need for a common business language to enable business applications to communicate more effectively both within the enterprise as well as outside the enterprise. In addition, OAGi announced in December 2005 its intent to converge the OAGIS standard with the ISA-95 standard to provide a better solution for manufacturing interoperability in process, discrete and mixed manufacturing environments.

"With the convergence of many industry standards and the rapid adoption of those standards by our customers, Wonderware's representation on the OAGi board will greatly assist our efforts to define and deliver innovative software solutions to the industry," Dufort said. "In addition to already using the ANSI/ISA-95 standard in Wonderware's offerings, we will now include support for the OAGIS standard to expand our ability to address the increasing needs of the large and diverse Wonderware customer base. Wonderware looks forward to the merger of the ISA-95 and OAGIS standards, which we intend to fully support for the benefit of our customers and the entire industry."

The OAGIS standard ensures that both end-users and solution providers have the most robust XML standard that can be deployed using ebXML, Web Services or other frameworks. The OAGIS XML standard covers manufacturing, B2B, CRM, logistics, supply-chain, ERP financial and human resource business functions.

"Wonderware is demonstrating market leadership by supporting efforts to establish specific standards that will result in overall enhanced customer productivity," said David Connelly, chief executive officer of OAGi. "With the growing focus on integration between ERP systems and manufacturing operations, OAGIS contributes to significant definition and deployment savings for companies of all sizes. A variety of standards are currently available in the industry today, and many companies are often unsure which best fit their operational requirements. Many companies are using both ISA-95 and OAGIS standards, and OAGi's goal is to simplify their efforts and provide customers with a common solution."

About OAGi
Visit http://www.openapplications.org.

About ISA and ISA-95
Visit www.isa.org.

About the Wonderware Business Unit and Invensys
Visit www.wonderware.com/about_us/news/wwarchestra.asp.
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