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Wonderware's WonderWorld 2006 Global Conference Series starts Sept 27

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Aug. 11, 2006 -- Wonderware announced the topics and dates for the WonderWorld 2006 global conference series, which will begin in September. The conferences, which are underwritten in part by Microsoft Corp., will be held in 19 locations throughout the U.S. and in Latin America, Europe and Asia, and focus on operational excellence for manufacturers and facilities.

WonderWorld 2006 conferences are designed to provide executives, information technology professionals, operations management and engineering personnel with vital information on how their companies can optimize their plant and enterprise operations. Attendees will learn how to achieve maximum efficiency and increased performance throughout the enterprise with the use of best industry practices and Wonderware's wide variety of information and automation software solutions.

Specific sessions will be held for attendees to learn more about the benefits of implementing effective production and performance management solutions; strategies for applying business systems integration and supply chain collaboration tactics; and methods to achieve more successful plant operations, along with improving production line and equipment efficiencies.

"To stay competitive in the 21st century, organizations must move quickly to streamline their manufacturing operations as part of their overall business strategy for success," said Thomas Muth, director of global software solutions marketing. "At the WonderWorld 2006 conferences, operations experts from Wonderware, other leading technology companies and editors from relevant industry trade media will present the latest strategies and best practices for achieving operational excellence."

The conferences will offer new product updates, structured networking opportunities and detailed explanations of advanced concepts relating to operational excellence to optimizing production practices, improving plant and supply chain performance, how to increase consistency and predictability, and eliminate costly inefficiencies. Participants will be able to attend a variety of breakout sessions that will focus on manufacturing business operations, manufacturing information technology and plant engineering.

WonderWorld 2006 conferences will be held at the following locations: Leipzig, Germany (Sept. 27 - 28); Warsaw, Poland (Oct. 3 - 4); Stockholm, Sweden (Oct. 5 - 6); Chicago, Ill., U.S. (Oct. 11 - 12); Castel D'Azzano, Italy (Oct. 12 - 13); Paris, France (Oct. 17 - 18); Charlotte, N.C., U.S. (Oct. 17 - 18); Barcelona, Spain (Oct. 19 - 20); Mexico City, Mexico (Oct. 19 - 20); Moscow, Russia (Oct. 26 - 27); Daventry, England (Oct. 31 - Nov. 1); Philadelphia, Penn., U.S. (Nov. 8 - 9); Sao Paulo, Brazil (Nov. 9); Houston, Texas, U.S. (Nov. 14 - 15); Singapore (Nov. 24); Taipei, Taiwan (Nov. 28); Shanghai, China (Nov. 30); Seoul, South Korea (Dec. 5); and Tokyo, Japan (Dec. 7).
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